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The Head Of His Prick

Today's my eighteenth birthday and I have something I want to lose. I'll bet you can guess what it is. I've had it for eighteen years and its wet and hard all at the same time. Yes, my pussy is very wet and my hymen is very firm. I don't know why I can't get my boyfriend to bust my cherry. He's awful cute and fun, but he's the definition of shy. I think I need an older man to break me in and I can't think of anyone better than the boys gym teacher. He's got lots of hunky muscle and really big hands and feet. I wonder if its true what my friends say about guys with big hands, do they really have big cocks? Well; I'm going to take an awful chance and seduce him in the locker room after school. Wish me luck. I stayed late after school today and went to the track to do sprints. I'm working up quite a sweat. My tits sweat so much you can see my nipples through my t shirt. Oh yes, I don't wear a bra. I'm also pretty good with needle and thread and I cut my gym clothes down so that there're nice and tight. My lucks holding out and I see the coach watching me as I do my laps. I'm the only student left on the track and as I make my way to the showers, I hold my breath and boldly walk into the boys locker room. The coach has followed me in and tells me I'm in the wrong room. I don't say a word as I lift off my sweaty top and walk to the showers. I strip my shorts off, revealing my lack of underwear. He's standing there, open mouthed as I turn on a shower and wet and soap my body. It's a pretty good body. I'm tall for my age at 5'8" and my tits match at 38 D. The rest of me is very athletic and hard, I work out a lot. I lock eyes with the coach as I soap the lips of my cunt. I make little mewing sounds and move my shoulders forward so that my tits get pressed together. Then I turn around showing him my ass and work a big hand full of lather into my ass crack, really cleaning it good. I drop my soap and bend over to pick it up, giving him a full rear view of my split open cunt.
Gosh, I'm running out of things to do, won't he ever take my bait? While I'm bent over my wish comes true. I feel his big hand on my butt, rubbing and caressing my cheeks. I just stand there letting him do me for the longest time. I turn around, look him in the eyes, and say; " Its my birthday today, will you give me a present? " " What would you like? " coach asks. I grab his dick through his sweat pants. " Why ; this nice little cherry buster will do fine." I say. I strip his clothes off, rubbing his firm muscular body. I squeeze the nipples on his big pecs. I pull his pants down slowly, teasing myself , waiting for my birthday present. " Oh god." I cry. I'll never get this monster in my cunt." It's so big, and I'm really scared. He holds me gently and tells me not to worry. "I've got just the right lubricant in my office." he says. He picks me up naked, and that's not easy, I said I was a tall girl. We walk naked and dripping through the gym to his office. he sets me down on his desk and takes a jar of Vaseline from his cabinet. I'm rubbing my cunt in anticipation. He stands there putting a big glob of Vaseline on his hard dick, working it up and down till its all shiny. I'm still worry but I can't back out now. I lie back on the desk, papers sticking to my wet body. with my legs hanging over the edge and my ripe and ready cunt fully exposed to this shiny battering ram. He places the head up against my cunt, rubbing the lips with the head of his prick. He brings his big paws up to my tits, squeezing and kneading them. I take his dick and use it to masturbate myself, pushing the head between my cunt lips. I push up against it and the head disappears inside me. I stop pushing, just trying to get the feel of this meaty invader. Coach moves slowly inside me. Pushing in, inch by inch. I feel stretched. After about three inches he can't go any further. "Time to bust the cherry baby." he says. Stroking my breasts, he grabs them and tells me to try to relax because he's coming in. Well I'm scared to death and almost tell him to stop. Then before I know it his dick is ramming in. My hymen busts as I feel a bright flash of pain pass through me. He stops, letting me catch my breath. I'm panting quickly trying to get used to this new feeling. Slowly he starts to stroke his dick in me. Back and forth a little at a time. He builds up speed and the feelings are just incredible. My clit seems to be getting stimulated from his dick movement. He's going strong now, grabbing my hips and really wanging it to me. I take my nipples in each hand and pull them straight out. The added stimulation does it for me and I rocket off to ecstasy. O boy do I cum. The coach stops as I thrash under him, unable to catch my breath. I soon calm down. Looking into his eyes I thank him for my present. I want to give coach a present. I pull out his dick and walk from his office back into the shower. I bunch our wet clothes together and kneel down on them. I draw coach a really obscene picture by squeezing each tit tight in my hands and open my mouth wide. He smiles down at me and moves his prick and balls up against my face.
Rubbing both all over my face he grabs the back of my head and urgently moves his balls to my open mouth. This I have lots of experience with. Boys need relief if you can't give them your juicy cunt. I learned to love the taste of dick and the creamy gift they deliver to my mouth and breasts. His dick pops into my mouth and this was not easy considering how wide it was. He wouldn't let me do a regular suck on him. He treats my mouth like its my second cunt. He fucks my mouth, going a little deeper each time till that prick moves down my throat. I massage his prick with my tongue trying not to choke. I see his urgent need to cum. His hips slow down to get the full feel of my mouth on his cock. He stops moving and work hard on the head of his cock. A tiny drop slides out on my tongue and know the gusher is near. his head rears back and he yells as the cum blasts out on my tongue. He looks down at me and grabbing his prick milks his cum on my lips and tongue. I think he really enjoys the sight of his prick spewing all over my face.

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