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Sweet Little Slit

I had been living in an apartment with my girlfriend Cathy, for about two years. Her family had recently moved to town from another state and since she had missed them, was happy to have them living nearby. She had two younger sisters, Patty and Kim. Patty had short brown hair, brown eyes, a cute smile, and a "perfect" body. I couldn't believe she was only 14. She was always very quiet. If you talked to her, she was friendly but would otherwise keep to herself. Kim who was 10, had long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, the cutest nose, and a smile that would melt you. Her personality was incredible. She was very outgoing, always smiling, always happy, and willing to help anyone, anytime. Once in a while, either one or the both of them would come over and spend the weekend with us. I never had any ideas of having sex with either of them, they just seemed "ok" to have around. Since Kim was the "baby in the family" and more outgoing, I guess I did pay more attention to her than I did to Patty who was again, quiet. One day, Cathy and I decided to go to a nearby lake for the day and phoned her sisters to see if they wanted to go with us. Excitedly, they said yes. We stopped by their house, picked them up, and off we went. After finding a picnic table under the trees, we quickly found a nearby spot on the sand to spread out our blankets. I had worn just my swim trunks, a T-shirt and sneakers so I pulled my shirt off, kicked off the sneaks and sat down. The girls had their suits on under their blouses and shorts so I watched as they began to undress. Cathy had worn a blue, one piece suit which she looked great in. She did have a beautiful body and I never had any complaints about our sex life together. Actually, she was the horniest female I've ever known, even to this day. Patty, the 14 yr. old, was wearing a yellow two piece suit. It was the first time I had seen either of the two sisters in a bathing suit. She started to undress by lifting off her blouse. Her breasts were perfect. They were firm and stood straight out. Her complexion was absolutely incredible. She stood there undoing the snap of her jeans and slowly slid them down to her ankles. Her belly was firm and flat. Her hips, thighs and ass were so perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body, I couldn't believe it. This girl was built like a "brick shit house" and yet she didn't seem to be aware of it. If she was, she certainly didn't act it. I could feel myself start to have a hard on and quickly rolled over onto my stomach to hide it. Cathy had already started down towards the water and was soon followed by Patty. Kim, the 10 yr. old, was still at the blankets with me, getting her towel organized and opened. She started unbuttoning her shirt as she kicked off her sneakers. I looked at her and teasingly said "I hope you have a bathing suit on under those clothes". She looked at me and giggling, said "Oh, I do". As she took her shirt off, she bent over to put it down on the blanket. I could see the beginning of another perfect body on the way. She was wearing a white bikini top which was a little big for her. Her breasts were just starting to develop, and I could see her little nipples protruding through the material. She then stood back up and started to remove her red shorts. The bottom of her bikini was also white with two little fish on her left ass cheek. Her legs were quite nice for a ten year old, but weren't yet fully developed. Her hips had already started to show the soft gentle sweeping curves of a young woman. Her complexion was also incredible. Her thighs and the upper backs of her legs looked so soft. As she was about to head down to the water, I said, "I love your fish. You look cute and sexy in that bikini". She looked at me smiling and again giggling, said, "thanks", then ran off to join her sisters. I wanted to join all three of them right away but couldn't. I had to wait until my hard on died down!
It took about fifteen minutes or so before I dared to stand up. As I approached the water, I knew I was about to get splashed by all three of them so I decided to dive right in. They were all waiting to get me. Cathy suggested we play 'Tug of War'. Since she and I were larger, we would each hold one of the sisters on our shoulders and they would try and knock each other off. Cathy decided I should hold Patty on my shoulders since she was a little bigger than Kim. The thought of playing this game gave me an instant hard on again. I looked at Patty wondering if she would be embarrassed playing this. She didn't seem to give it a thought. I said "ok, turn around and open your legs a little. I'll go under water and pick you up on my shoulders". She did, and I did. I couldn't believe we were about to play this game. I held my breath and went under. I came up behind her and was staring at the most beautiful, tender, legs and ass I had ever seen. I had all I could do to prevent myself from slipping my hands on the inside of her thighs and grabbing that ass and pussy. My cock was as hard as a rock! I slowly put my head between her legs and even more slowly came up until the back of my neck rested up against her cunt. Her thighs slowly squeezed the sides of my neck as she wrapped her ankles behind my back. I came up for a breath of air thinking, I hope we play this all day. When I stood up, Cathy and Kim were already set to take us on. As we approached them, Patty squeezed her thighs a little harder against the sides of my neck and I put my hands on both her hips to hold her from falling off. They were so soft and warm I thought my cock was going to explode right then and there! Since we had the strength and weight advantage, we would win each time. As we knocked them over, I would fall over on top of them so Patty would fall into the water too. Each time, my mouth would find it's way to the inside of one of her thighs as my hand would also find it's way to the upper backs of one of her legs or ass. She didn't seem to notice in all the excitement. If she did, she certainly didn't show it, or seem to mind and either did I. After five or six losses, Cathy suggested we swap partners. Kim was all excited at the possibility of winning one by being on my shoulders. So was I! I said, "ok turn around, let's beat these guys"! This time when I went under and approached that cute little ass with the two fish on one cheek, I gently squeezed the fish as I put my head between her thighs. Kim must of thought I was signaling for her to open her legs a little because she spread them apart more. My cock was going "bonkers" while my heart was pounding with excitement. Again, I slowly raised my neck up until I could feel it touch her pussy. I then slowly rubbed it back and forth a little as if I were trying to find a comfortable position. I was a little worried she might become afraid and move away but she didn't. She must of been caught up in all the horse play because she stayed there with her legs open as I got myself situated. I put my hands on her hips to hold her on as I stood up.
They were all laughing, giggling, and splashing one another when I came up. I thought I was in heaven. I couldn't believe this was happening. What a great game! Each team went at it again only this time it was a little harder for us to win. Cathy was having a harder time holding up Patty because she was heavier than Kim. I tried staying in deeper water to hide my stiff cock from the girls' view. They tugged and pushed at each other while Cathy and I each tried to position ourselves strategically for the next attack. Patty was able to push Kim off the first time. As she fell off, I went under with her, gently holding on to the backs of her legs right up near her suit bottom. I was getting more and more excited, wondering how she would react. She didn't seem to mind. Her legs were so soft, I couldn't believe it. Again, I thought my cock was going to explode. A couple of times I had rubbed my forearm softly against her cunt while falling under water. She didn't seem to mind or notice that either. We played this game for a while longer then decided to take a break to catch our breaths. By now, my cock was throbbing with desire. Cathy had started floating on her back and was moving away from us. Patty ended up going along with her and they started gabbing about the times when they were younger. Kim stayed near me, swimming around smiling and looking absolutely adorable. Every once in a while she would swim right in front of me and I would reach out and gently take her under my arm and hold her by her belly for a moment then toss her playfully up in the air a little. Naively, she didn't seem to mind me touching her body. Kim soon asked me to throw her high in the air and I agreed. I couldn't believe what this little 10 year old was doing to me. I was excited as hell! I said "turn around and face away from me. I'll hold you by your waist and count to three. On three I'll throw you". Smiling and giggling, she agreed and quickly turned around facing away from me. At first, I put my hands on her waist to throw her up in the air. After the first few times, I began moving my hands lower, and put them on her hips, telling her I'll get better leverage this way. I would start counting and on each count, would "bounce" her a little higher until I reached the number three and would then toss her in the air. Each time I touched her hips, I almost went nuts. God she was soft. We did this about five or six times before I lost control. The next time, I pretended my right hand slipped off her hip as I was counting and slid it down the front of her suit bottom quickly. I could feel that incredible little slit as my finger rubbed down and then back up it's unbelievable softness. At first, I couldn't believe I had done that. I was almost in a panic, thinking, that was it, she would start screaming or crying. I quickly looked down at her ready to apologize when I saw her simply smiling. I couldn't believe this, it didn't scare her. I caught hold of my senses, and tossed her a couple of more times, each time, making sure to hold her only by her waist. Cathy and Patty had floated back near us by this time and said they were going to lie down and get some sun. My cock was stiffer than hell so I knew I couldn't get out right then. I said I would join them shortly and dove under to cool off. I figured Kim would go along with them but when I came up, she was right there swimming around me still looking cute and adorable seemingly unaware of what had just happened. After a few moments, Kim asked me how far I could swim under water while holding my breath. I thought to myself, thank God she changed the subject and said "I don't know, how far can you swim"? She said she didn't know either. I said "well let's find out. You stay here". I moved away from her about 20 feet or so and said "ok, let's see if you can swim between my legs from there". She smiled and said "Oh, I can do that, that's easy". She then held her breath and dove under. Without thinking, I dove under right after her thinking I would surprise her underneath. We could see each other approaching one another. I thought she would surface when she saw me but she didn't, she kept getting closer. I swam right up to her and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and we surfaced. She said "hey, I thought you were going to wait there for me"? I said "ok, ok, let's try it again". I couldn't believe what was happening, the little shit didn't seem to mind me kissing her. I was completely blown away. I looked over to the beach to see where Cathy and Patty were. They were lying on their stomachs, yacking away with their backs to us not paying any attention to what we were doing. I again went about 20 feet away from Kim and said "ok, this time I'll stay here. Try it again". She dove under and swam her way to me easily making it between my legs. I wondered if she would notice the bulge between my legs. Boy was it bulging! When she came up she said "ok, it's your turn". Before I knew it, she swam away from me, turned around, and yelled back "ok, you try it". As I began to swim towards her and could see her in the distance, I began to think, if nobody else was around, I would of taken my suit off and come up naked. I was losing it again. As I approached her, I was staring at those cute little legs and that wonderful little spot between them. I came right up to her with my face almost rubbing that sweet little pussy then went lower to get between her legs. As I passed through, I turned on my side and ever so slowly, rubbed my whole arm gently along her pussy, wondering how she would react. I again thought I was dreaming the whole thing. I was more excited than I could ever remember being before. Never had I been this turned on before!
When I came up, I quickly turned to her to see her reaction. She immediately said "ha ha, you almost didn't make it". I don't think she realized how accurate that statement really was. She wanted to try it again only this time, she wanted me to get farther away. I happily obliged. This time, when she started going between my legs, I gently closed them around her for a second before letting her pass through. I was hoping to catch her and get her to rub against my cock but she stayed to close to the bottom. She came up smiling as usual and wanted me to try again from a greater distance. I again did the same thing as before. As I approached, I turned on my side and again, very slowly and gently, made sure my whole arm rubbed up against that sweet little slit. This time I also put my hand up on the inside of her thigh so my finger was touching the edge of her suit right adjacent to that heavenly slit. Again, she didn't even budge. She just stayed right in place. When I came up, she was smiling at me innocently again not seeming to mind. I floated on my back facing her, my cock bulging just below the water's surface. I watched her eyes to see if she was looking at it but she wasn't. I honestly don't think she knew what she was doing to me. She started to float on her back with her feet towards mine. I looked around and noticed nobody was anywhere near us. I reached forward and gently took one of her ankles in each hand and slowly pulled her towards me spreading her legs along my sides as I did. I was looking directly into those beautiful blue 10 year old eyes and they were looking directly back into mine. My hands slid slowly up to the backs of her knees and I inched her forward ever so slowly and ever so gently, spreading her legs wider apart as her sweet little cunt came ever closer to my stiff bulging cock. I was ready to let go immediately if she showed any sign of fear but so far she hadn't. When her sweet little pussy was about three inches from my swollen cock, I gently put my left hand along the inside of her right thigh and softly caressed it. I slid my hand down her leg to that sweet tender slit and gently rubbed my finger along it several times while staring into her eyes. I whispered "does that feel good"? She pulled away slowly. My hands let her slip away. I was really afraid of scaring her and I think I finally did at that point. Then I noticed she was looking at me with a curious, not frightened, stare. It was as if she was discovering something she had not known before. She went under water and came up saying she wanted to lie down and get some sun. I watched as she swam towards the beach trying to figure out what was happening to me. It took about 15 minutes of diving under water to calm down and cool off a little before I could get out of the water without my cock showing itself off to the world. My mind was spinning as I tried to make sense of what I was doing. I couldn't. When I got to the blanket, I laid down next to Cathy who had dozed off by this time. I lay on my stomach because I could feel myself swelling again. Cathy was on my left with Kim lying on her stomach to Cathy's left. Patty had her back to us and was reading. I started staring at Kim and couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was staring back at me and wouldn't take her eyes off of me. I was wondering what she was thinking about. My eyes were looking over every inch of that cute little body, my mind and bulging cock, were wondering what it would be like to make love to her. Every once in a while my eyes would stare towards her eyes, and her eyes would be there waiting to meet mine. This kid was incredible, what the hell was happening to me? This had gone on for about 20 minutes when Cathy woke up. She sat up and asked me if I wanted to have a cookout later that night when we got home. I said "sure". She asked her sisters if they wanted to come over for the cookout and spend the night sleeping over. Patty said she didn't want to because she was suppose to go somewhere with one of her girlfriends early the next morning but KIm excitedly said yes. Needless to say, this got me excited!

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