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Squeezing His Balls

I arrived at the Thompsons at six o'clock. Although baby sitting is not the coolest thing for a high school senior to do, it's better than working. " Hi Jamie " said Mrs. Thompson as she answered the door. " The children are in the back... Amy and Jordan need to be in bed by 8:00... Bobby is on I.C.E. ...he should be done by 9:00...I'll be back around 10:00... the numbers are by the phone". " Bye" I said and went to find the children. They were in bed by 7:30. I read them a story and they were out like a light by the time I got to the last page. I went out to the den to watch some TV . Hopefully Bobby would not be late. I was quickly becoming bored. At 9:15 Bobby was done ICEing. Now even thought we are next door neigbors, Bobby and I barely know each other. You see Bobby is only 15 years old. We also attend different schools. As he walked into the den with just his pants on I suddenly realized, Bobby was a babe! " Oh hi" he said, surprised to see me. He was tall for his age, probably 6 feet. He had sandy brown hair, big brown eyes, and a muscular, hairless torso. He was gorgeous. In a daze, I stared at his smooth, toned chest and stomach muscles. " What are you looking at"? he asked, unaware of my admiration. " You " I said and he immediately began to blush. " Wow, you have grown up Bobby". He was very embarassed and began to studder " J...Jamie, stop...stop kidding". But I was not kidding. At 18 , I had had sex only a few times with just my boyfriend. But suddenly I wanted Bobby. I could'nt believe how turned on I was. "Bobby" I said. " Have you ever kissed a girl"? " Sure" he said. " Do you want to kiss me" I whispered as I moved towards him. He did'nt say anything. He just stood there staring at me. I put my hand behind his neck and kissed him softly. He responded, kissing me back. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. He began to gently squeeze my small pert tits as I rubbed my hands all over this smooth chest. I began fumbling with his pants as his hands found their way underneath my shirt. I groaned as Bobby carefully manipulated my sensitive nipples.
" Ohh Bobby...please...use your mouth" I whispered. He lifted my top and began sucking my breasts like a calf. Finally getting his pants undone, I gasped out loud as I reached inside to grasp his penis. It was much larger than my boyfriends. I pulled back, looking down at his enormous dick. It looked even larger as my small hands began to stroke the shaft. I had never given a blow job before, but I could'nt resist lowering my mouth to Bobby's young, hot prick. As I slowly licked the underside of the shaft Bobby moaned " Put it in your mouth...please". Grasping it at the base, I carefully swallowed the beautiful round head. Although I could only take about 3 inches of his giant cock, I could tell Bobby was in heaven. His breathing was increasing rapidly, signaling his approaching climax. Gently squeezing his balls with my free hand, Bobby's hips began to jerk as he groaned " ohh...I'm gonna come". His cock quickly filled my mouth with sweet, warm liquid. Unable to swallow fast enough, drops of the white, sticky fluid began to coat my lips and chin as I continued to milk his long pole. Bobby's young cock continued to shoot in my mouth, his seed now dripping down my chin onto his mother's carpet. I did'nt know anyone, much less a 15 year old kid, could come that much, yet I found myself becoming immesly excited by the taste of it. When his orgasm finally subsided, I removed his still erect tool from my mouth and began rubbing it against my face. " Bobby" I said, " lie down on your back".
He silently complied as I stood and removed my shorts and panties. Squatting above his hips, I grabbed his mammouth penis and began rubbing it against my swollen vagina. I felt my pussy stretch as the large head entered my wet slit. " Ohh god" I moaned, as his cock filled me. I pulled off my shirt and began to grind down on his big prick. As soon as his entire shaft was buried in my small box, I reached down and began rubbing my swollen clit. Seconds later I started to convulse in the biggest orgasm of my life. I could'nt stop coming. Wave after wave shot through my body as I continued to ride his cock. Suddenly, Bobby began to groan. I slid off his pole and began to jack him off as his hips bucked wildly. " Ahhh...oh shit" he moaned as rope of hot cum shot straight up, landing on my breasts. Four more spurts just as big quickly followed, covering my chest and stomach with warm, sticky cum. Looking down at his big shlong, I was amazed to see he was still rock hard. Getting on my hands and knees, Bobby immediately read my mind, positioning himself behind me.
I reached between my legs and guided him into my hungry box. Bobby sure was a fast learner. I rapidly neared another orgasm as he began to drive his giant dick into me with long, steady strokes. " Harder" I cried. " Yes...fuck me Bobby"! He hammered my pussy for another ten minutes and I had two more orgasms. Once again, Bobby's moans told me he was approaching another eruption. I quickly spun around, stuffing as much of his beet red cock into my mouth as I could. Sweet, warm semen filled my mouth as Bobby wrapped his hand around his big dong, feeding it to me. The volume was less then the first two times but it was still a mouth full. I licked the the remainder of cream from his beautiful dick until it finally softened. Just then, I heard the front door open. " Oh shit...your mother"! The End

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