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Screwed From The Inside

It was the night of my 21st birthday. I was a sophomore at College studying advertising and marketing, living on the third floor of a boarding house that contained a retired woman of 60, a former 'beat-cop' who was discharged for public drunkenness, and a 28 year old guy named David who was returning to school to finish his degree in liberal arts after a very trying and sticky divorce. We spent many a night on the couch of my up stairs room talking about art, relationships gone bad, and partaking of more than our fair share of wine and smoke. David was a great guy, not bad looking, and good friend, so I didn't think too hard when he offered to take me to the local corner bar for a good sloshing on my first legal birthday. We walked the four or five blocks it took to get there because he was buying the drinks and wasn't going to allow me to have all the fun. Upon going in, I got to show my now legal to drink drivers licence, and discovered that three of my college gal pals where seated at a table for five. I did the introductions, and we all set about to get me drunk. Several glasses of Zinfendel and an MGD or two later the talk went from the really bad music the DJ was playing to (as it always did when more than two of my girlfriends got together in the same room) sex. A lot of innuendo's were dropped, tons of giggling, and stories that where only partially true, and one of my friends brought up the topic of anal sex. Only two of the five of us had any experience with it. Dave who admitted he only had tried it twice - once with his ex-wife who only allowed him to get the tip of his dick in before she screamed it hurt, and a re-bound girl friend long since past on whom he never finished the job because he couldn't figure out if he was supposed to cum in her ass or on it, so he just switched positions. My friend Sarah pipped in just then that the guy should always cum in her ass, otherwise what was the point in the first place? Now, knowing Sarah like I did, there was no doubt that she had had anal sex, but whether or not she had enough experience to be considered an expert on technique is questionable. Regardless, I was getting hot. The conversation continued with more of Sarah's insight on technique until an hour, two more beers, and a half pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights later my panties had soaked through, and there was no amount of crossing my legs and shifting in my seat that was going to relieve the pressure between my legs. I NEEDED to go home. David offered to walk me back, which I was thankful for since I was more than wobbly. When we got back to the house I thanked David for the evening, and made a b-line to my upstairs room. No more than ten minutes after my skirt was on the floor, my back flat on the couch, and my fingers between my legs did David come through my apartment door. He didn't bother to turn the lights on, but went right for my 'fridge where he pulled out two more bottles of beer. Although the light from the door illuminated my half naked and sprawled figure on the couch , I was both too drunk and too horny to care. He just raised one of the cold beers in a mock toast, and said "Don't stop on my account." Well it was too funny for me to be mad, although he ruined a decent orgasm in the works. I kicked off the skirt from around my ankles (I still had my panties on) and he sat down on the couch in my still dark apartment. He cracked open a beer, lit a cigarette, then lit the candle on the coffee table in front of the couch. He offered me the cigarette, and the beer, and when I caught his smile in the candle light I laughed. "You where just going to have a drink and watch me weren't you?" I asked him. "I would've smoked to... but you bet." he said. I smiled at that. His charm had made any hint of embarrassment vanish. "Well I'm flattered." I said, and leaned over to give him a friendly kiss.
I think he assumed I was going to lay my head on his shoulder, as I often did during many a late night 'Movie Channel' sitting, because he slid closer to me which landed my lips right on the nape of his neck above the collar of his faded denim shirt. Now, maybe I was drunk, or just too horny, but the taste of his slightly salty skin and scent of his clothes flipped a monkey switch in my hormone circuitry and I stayed, nibbling gently on his neck for a second or two, until I slid higher and quietly bit his ear. I breathed in the scent of his hair and his cologne, and felt the familiar heat between my legs start to grow again. David lifted his hand to my head, and tangled it into my hair. He sighed heavily as I slid to the floor and un-buttoned his shirt to his jeans. Placing my mouth onto his chest I licked and sucked on each of his nipples until they went rock hard under my touch. I then dragged my tongue further down his body, nibbling at his skin as I went. When I reached his jeans, I quickly un-snapped them revealing his rock hard penis under his cotton Jockey briefs. I nuzzled my face into the fabric, smelling his sweet musky scent, and kissed his pulsing cock through the cloth. He lifted his hips, and slid his jeans down to his ankles when I lifted the band of his briefs and dropped my mouth onto his cock. His pubic hair wisped and tickled my lips as I swallowed hard to get his full length in my mouth. My hand reached down between my legs and parted the cotton of my panties. "Wait..." he said, only two or three strokes later. "It's okay David.... I want to finish' I said to him, licking my lips to go back down on him. "You will finish" he said. "Turn around." "What?" I said. "Turn around" he said. This time more of a command than a suggestion. So I did. Turning around, I pushed the candle aside and leaned over the coffee table in front of me. I heard him rustle behind me as he pulled his legs from the ball of denim on the floor. Both hands on my hips, then on my panties as he pulled them down my legs and off my feet. Then one hand on the center of my back, another on my now dripping crotch. Two fingers inside me. One finger inside me. One finger massaging my ass. One finger inside my ass. Two fingers inside my ass. I closed my eyes at the initial sharp pain of his fingers inside my tight hole then opened them again as my muscles inside relaxed. He slowly pulled his fingers from my ass, and replaced them with the swollen head of his cock. Rubbing my hole softly with his dick, he pulled away only for the second it took for him to bend and put his hot wet tongue to my ass hole, wetting it again. Again, his cock was at my ass, pushing gently into me. He moved just slow enough to allow my body to accept the girth of his cock. He paused every other second or so as my body went taught and then relaxed again. "Keep going..." I choked, grasping the edge of the coffee table. He pushed still deeper until I could feel his soft pubic hair on my skin. He paused. I squeezed the muscles in my body. He moaned quietly, and with drew slightly. He pushed into me again. It felt deeper that time, but I am sure it was just because I was adjusting to the weight of his cock inside me. He pulled away again, and pushed into me a little quicker this time. "Uhmmmmm....." I moaned quietly. "That feels so good." It actually felt like I was being fucked with a board, but I didn't want him to stop. He thrusted in and out of me with a steady pace, and as my skin and muscles stretched, I began to moan louder. It was actually starting to feel good. I removed one of my hands from the death grip I had on the table, and put it between my legs. My middle finger rolled circles over my clit which brought me to the brink of orgasm almost immediately. I felt helplessly impaled, submissive beyond my wildest dreams, but safe with a friend I knew and trusted. David put both hands on my shoulders and with one last thrust he held still as hot liquid filled my insides.
There's no way to explain it except to say that it felt like being screwed from the inside and the outside at the same time. I don't think his seed could have been planted deeper in my body, and I felt closer to him than I'd ever felt with anyone before. It's the closeness I think, that sent me flying over the edge of orgasm. My body shuttered, my breath went ragged, and my eyes and teeth clenched shut muffling what would have been a squeal loud enough to make my friends at the bar come running. When my body relaxed and rested on the cool wood of the coffee table, David pulled out of me. My hair wet and matted against my forehead, a tangled mess, we both took turns in my bathroom cleaning up.
Afterwards, we finished the beer he had opened, smoke two more cigarettes a piece, and then both collapsed onto my bed until morning. Although we remained good friends throughout the semester, still enjoyed beer, cigarettes and late night movies, I never had sex with him again. He graduated that year and within three months took a job that took him south. I haven't heard from him in two and half years.

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