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Salive Soaked Balls

My name is Mike Hornsby and this is the story of the love of my life. I was 34 years old at the time and doing quite well financially. My parents had passed away some years earlier and had left my brother Frank and myself a nice settlement. I quickly learned how to invest and turned my settlement into a nest egg that would free me from the rigors of common work for the rest of my life. Frank put his share into a lame-brained get rick quick scheme that went belly up in the first year and left him back at ground zero. Frank was my older brother by four years. Frank wasn't the brightest guy in the world nor the most polished. Despite his loutish way he had managed to woo his high school sweetheart into marrying him and together they had produced a daughter who they named Staci. Staci was the best thing Frank and his wife Gloria ever produced. She was an angel. She had fine silken hair the color of wheat that hung shoulder length and was cut in a bang across the front. The blue of her eyes reminded one of the color of the ocean in some tropical cove - clear, sparkling and exotic. She had a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks and nose and a smile that was all summer and sunshine. Staci's teeth were a little crooked and unevenly spaced, but that brought out the kid in her and besides, the multi-colored braces she wore would take care of that. Staci and I were pals and always got along great when I would visit my brother and his family, usually on the holidays. I never married or even had relationships that lasted very long. I guess it was my fear of intimacy and my rather crude approach to sex. I wasn't much of a romantic. I would get a girl to go on a date with me, we would have a romantic dinner, catch a show and then if things went well I would have her sucking my cock before the night was over. I guess the unromantic part is where I would grab her by both ears and force fuck her face and then pull out at the end and spray her face with my spunk and then rub it around with the head of my cock until her face looked like a glazed donut. Probably explains my lack of second dates.

I was in San Francisco when I received the call. My brother Frank had been killed in a fire that had consumed his house. It was on a Saturday and Gloria and Staci had left to go shopping and had supposedly left Frank to sleep in late. There were a lot of questions at first about how a guy who had slept all night could continue to sleep while his house and bed burned around him and then burn up without waking? The police began an investigation into the extremely suspicious circumstances but after interviewing his wife Gloria, suddenly dropped it. Cased closed. I was outraged. I loved my brother inspite of himself. I couldn't believe that Gloria wasn't outraged as well and when I would question her about the lack of an investigation she would clam up or quickly change the subject. She said she just wanted to put it all behind her. Gloria, Staci and I attended Frank's funeral together. Staci was nine years old at the time and was inconsolable at the loss of her father. Even with her red puffy eyes and tear stained face, I was moved by her exquisite beauty. She was dressed like a little woman. She wore a black dress, sheer black stockings and black lace gloves. For a nine year old Staci was developing a rather shapely body, though her chest was completely flat with no sign yet of developing breasts, her legs were long and slender and the black patent pumps she wore highlighted the shapeliness of her calves and thighs. Even through the black dress the firm roundness of her little ass was very apparent and begged for squeezing. I guess those years of soccer were paying off. Staci was cold and distant towards her mother at the funeral and reached to me for comfort. I slipped my fingers into her soft hair and stroked her cheek and pulled her close against me with my other hand. I breathed deeply of her little girl fragrance and felt the warmth and softness of her young body tight against mine. I think it was at this moment that I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with my neice. I don't know if it was the emotional vulernability of two people drawn together by loss or the eroticism of her little girl innocence covered in black nylon and lace. Whatever it was, I not only fell in love with her at that instant, I also developed a bone hard erection. As close as I was holding her there was no way she couldn't have noticed. I felt it pressing against her tummy, but she only snuggled closer seeming to take comfort in it. On the way home from the from the funeral, Staci rode with me because she didn't want to be near her mother. The driver of the limo held the door open as Staci and I entered. We rode alone in the back of the limo. There was a glass between us and the driver to afford privacy for the greiving and we drew the curtains. I continued to console Staci. Without a word she placed a delicate black laced hand on my the top of my thigh. My body responded instantly and I had to reach down and rearrange myself to accomodate the strain in my crotch. I tried to do this as inconspicuously as possible, but I noticed Staci watching from the corner of her eye and thought I detected a trace of a smile from the corner of her coral colored mouth. Even after straightening myself, my engorged eight inch member had nowhere to hide and formed a very prominent tent in my trousers only and inch or so from Staci's hand. I tried to take my mind off of her hand on my leg but my attention only drifted to her lap where her dress had ridden up and exposed her nylon clad thighs. Her legs weren't spindley like a lot of girls her age and while still slender, her thighs had tone and shape and looked magnificent in the black stockings. From my vantage I could almost see up her dress to her crotch and my eyes strained to do so. Staci looked up at me, eyes puffy and red, her face a storm, her lips in a petulant pout. A tear began to fall and I wiped it away. I slipped the fingers of my left hand into the downy hair along the back of her neck and allowed my right hand to caress the nylon covered top of her right leg. I leaned over and looked deeply into my angel's troubled face and as the tenderness of the moment drew us together my lips met the sweet delicate petals of her lips. I drank deeply from this nine year old well, savoring the sweetness of her young mouth. As I kissed her, she kissed back and I felt the slip of her togue between my lips as it probed my adult mouth. My tongue returned the attention and searched her young mouth and our tongues engaged in a dance. My hand stroked her outer thigh and I let it slide up under her dress to the curve of her slender hips and then around to appreciate the firm roundness of her little derierre. As we continued to kiss, I let my hand caress and explore the rest of her body feeling her flat little chest, searching for a hint of her nipples through the fabric of her dress and then on down to her slender soft tummy. My hand was so big it almost covered a quarter of her body and I let it freely massage and stroke her little girl body finally settling on her nylon covered inner thighs. I gently stroked each thigh in turn feeling the cool smoothness of the nylon and the softness of her thighs and as I let my hand travel up under her dress I felt the heat radiating from her hot young sex before I even touched it. Using the side of my forefinger, I gently caressed the hot moist swolleness between her legs through the nylon. Staci moaned softly as I felt the curve and shape of her wet little sex. She slid forward on the leather seat and parted her legs wider to afford me fuller access to her aching sweetness. Her dress was now up around her waist and I could see her pink panties through the pantyhose and the wet spot in the crotch. Staci was moaning and sighing continuously now and her lithe little body was undulating under the adept attention of my finger.
I broke our kiss and swung Staci around on the seat so she was lying down with her hot, wet, yearning little crotch facing me. I placed my knees on the floorboard and positioned my upper body between Staci's legs. I reached one hand around between her legs from the top and the other from below and let my fingers explore and massage Staci's swollen little love mound through the black nylon and pink cotton panties. The wet panties clung to her sex and showed its outline clearly. I massaged the soft puffy lips and rubbed a finger back and forth in the heated cleft that ran between them. Using the tip of my finger I located the indent between the lips and worked her wet panties into her crack and into this hole. Staci was moaning loudly now and squirming around beneath me. I lowered my head and drank in the sweet fragrance of soap, girl sweat and hot, yearning, young girlie cunt. Unable to control myself, my mouth met her inflamed sex with a passionate kiss and I reveled in the moment. I continued to kiss, lick, nuzzle and massage her hungry young sex with my mouth and tonuge. I enclosed the whole of her heated mound with my mouth and greedily sucked the preteen pussy ambrosia from her pussy through the panties and the cotton and nylon panel crotch of her pantyhose. Having to have more, I reached up with both hands and hooked my fingers in the waist band of her panty hose and panties. She obligingly lifted her hips as I pulled them down to her ankles. Her pussy was beautiful. Her skin was white and translucent here where her bathing suit had always kept the sun away. Her mound and sweet lips were a study in gentle curves and fullness, a work of art. In between the soft lips were the delicate rose petals of her sex and between them a deep coral tunnel. Staci had not yet began puberty and the smooth white and pink curves of her sex were without a trace of hair. I allowed my tongue to pay homage to her prepubesent treasure. With the tip of my tongue I traced the outline of her sex, felt the fullness of her lips and explored the source the incredible heat and wetness that lay between them. I urged my tonuge deep within her exploring and savoring her moist mysteries. As my tongue probed deep within, my mouth formed a seal over her entire crotch in a lewd french kiss. I sucked her young pussy like it was a ripe peach and drank her sweet flowing juices. Satiating myself on little girl pussy nectar, I began to tease the top of her pussy where the delicate lips met. With a couple of flicks of the tip of my tongue, her tender little ruby of a love button emerged from its hiding place. As I teased and tormented this tender bud, Staci lost control. She began to pull violently at my hair with her little hands and I felt her heels pounding on my back. She was making wild animal sounds and convulsing. I continued to work her love bud and suck her little juice box with renewed intensity. As Staci let out a piercing scream and almost tore the hair from my head, I felt her body stiffen and suddenly my face was flooded with a incredibly copious ejaculation of hot, savory, little girl pussy juice. I drank, swallowed, and experienced heaven with my face firmly planted in my angelic nine year old neice's hot wet little crotch. When the intensity of the moment subsided and our senses began to come back, we looked at each other and laughed and smiled and kissed. "We better get ourselves together. We'll be at the motel soon", I told her. I helped her to get her panties and pantyhouse back up and I wiped the pussy juice from my face with my sleeve. I hadn't realized it at the time, but I had cum in my pants while eating her out and had made a mess of my drawers. The limo pulled up to the motel where Staci and her mom were staying since their house had burned. Gloria had to stop by the lawyers office on the way back. The insurance company was holding up payment on Frank's mimimal life insurance policy. They had problems with the circumstances surrounding Frank's death. She asked if I would stay with Staci until she got back later. I was a little disconcerted by what had happened in the limo. I certainly hadn't intended on molesting my neice and especially not at her father's funeral! She was so beautiful, we were both emotionally vulnerable, it had just happened, that's all. I felt a little uncomfortable in the motel room with her and felt that I needed to set things straight. This could never happen again. As Staci sat on the bed I noticed that she looked a little more refreshed and cheerful since our limo ride. "Staci, about what happened in the limo. I'm sorry, that should have never taken place. I don't know what came over me. What can I say?" A troubled looked passed over Staci's face as I spoke. Still in her black dress and black lace gloves, she sat on the motel bed looking up at me and began to tear up again.
I bent down to take her hand and brush the tear from her cheek. "Sweetheart, what is it. Tell your Uncle Mike what's wrong?" "I miss my daddy. Now that he's gone I won't have anyone to love me. I won't be able to live with out my daddy's love. I just won't be able to take it!" The tears began to stream again and her brow wrinkled and her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. "Sweetheart, your mom loves you and..." "I HATE her! She took my daddy away! I HATE her!" Her face was angry and stormy. Her blue eyes flashing. "That's nonsense honey, besides you have me and I will always love you and be here for you. You can count on it", I said consoling her. "Do you mean it Uncle Mike", she said as her eyes brightened and she got up from the bed and came to me. "Certainly I do, honey", I said glad to see her cheering up. "And can I have your love whenever I want it just like Daddy would let me have it?" "Of course darling, you can have all the love I have inside of me. There is no one in the world more important to me than you. Every ounce of love I have belongs to you." Staci seemed very comforted by that and finally had a look of peace about her that I was very relievied to see. "I am so glad to hear you say that Uncle Mike, I was so scared." I was hugging Staci and rubbing her small shoulders, enjoying the fragrance of her hair and this tender moment when I felt it. Staci's little lace covered fingers were working on the fly of my trousers and reaching into the fly of my boxers, her gloved hand gave my still semen sticky penis a couple of quick strokes before hoisting it out through the opening in my pants. The full eight inches flopped out and though the skin was still all stuck together from the mess I hadn't had a chance to clean up, it began to grow and elongate to its full size in front of the child "Staci, what are you doing!", I said in shock. "Oh, Uncle Mike, yours is so much bigger than daddy's. Its beautiful!" She stroked it admiringly with a look of amazement and obivious delight on her face. She looked very happy and excited at this moment. I was dumbfounded. "Staci, STOP! We can't do this! Are you CRAZY! You're a nine year old girl. What happened in the limo was wrong of me, but we certainly can't do this. I'm sorry, but it's just not right! The look of hurt that crossed my angel's face cut me to the quick. She looked crushed, her bottom lip began to tremble. "You lied to me, you said you would give me your love and you lied!" "Staci, I will give you my love, all my love, anytime you want it, but THIS is wrong." Staci looked confused. She looked up at me through her blond bangs and as if I was stupid, began to explain to me what love was all about. "Uncle Mike, don't you know anything? My daddy taught me before I even went to kindergarden that when a man really loves a woman or his little girl, that as his love grows inside of him it turns into a magic, yummy cream and for him to be able to keep loving her, she had to suck it out of him to make room for more of his love to grow." She was looking at me incredulously, unable to believe that I had gotten this far in life without learning this basic fact of the birds and bees. "Daddy would give me his love everyday, but only when mommy wasn't around because he didn't want her to know that he was giving all his love to me and not to her. Little girls NEED love Uncle Mike, that's why I need you to give me your love.", she smiled compassionately and tenderly at me looking closely to see if I understood the lesson she was giving me. I was faced with a dilema. If I told her the truth about her father it would destroy all the warm loving memories of him that she held dear and she would be left with nothing but guilt and pain. If I went along with her perception of love, I would either have to engage in sex with my nine year old niece on a regular basis for her to continue to feel loved, or refrain and have her think I didn't love her. Brushing the blond bangs from her bottomless blue eyes and looking into her innocent freckled face I explained to her, "Staci, I've never been in love before. That's why I don't know much about it. You can see from this mess in my pants that I have an awful lot of love for you, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Would you be a darling and teach your Uncle Mike how to love a lovely little girl like you? The smile beamed wide across Staci's face. She needed no more encouragement than this and her little lace covered hands's once again reached around the girth of the heavy length of wilted meat. Lifting the large cock to her face, she began to lick the drying jizz from it with flicks from her little pink tonge. My cock quickly became alive under her touch, springing up and stretching out with a life of its own. Staci giggled and smiled up at me with amusement. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at me with affection, a small string of saliva and reconstituted sperm hung between her braces and the head of my cock. I gently guided her head back towards my dick and she once again eagerly lapped the length of my member savoring the spermy flavor. Her little tongue cleaned and licked the rim around the large mushroom shaped head and then opening her mouth as far as it would go, she guided it onto her outstretched and waiting tongue and into her young mouth. I could see her cheeks become pink as they bulged out and then collapsed as she applied suction. Her delicate pink lips slipped back and forth over the glistening head as she sucked it back and forth, in and out of her hungry young mouth. Her deft little fingers worked magic on the shaft of my member, sliding the thin veiny skin up and down the length in concert with the eager sucking she was applying to the head of my cock. I didn't want this to end too quickly. Pulling her off the end of my dick with a "pop!" as the head escaped her thirsty lips, I quickly unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers and skivies to the floor and kicked them free. I sat on the edge of the bed and positioned my little love doll on her knees between my hairy thighs. Pulling my cock back and exposing my heavy cum-laden balls, Staci, as if on cue, buried her little angel face in the hairy sack. She bathed my scrotum with her lapping and chased my balls around within the sack with her tongue and little up-turned nose, giggling all the while. Anxious to see if she would take the hint, I rolled back a little further on the bed and spread my legs. Without missing a beat, Staci licked and kissed her way from my saliva soaked balls down across my taint to my hairy anus. The sensation of her little pink tongue licking my hairy ass cheeks and circling its way in closer toward my puckered hole was driving me crazy. I could feel her slender little fingers separating the cheeks of my ass as she buried her face between them. Her squiggily, squirmy little tongue found its way to my sensitive opening and began to probe and tease the sensitive hole. Staci pressed her face harder between my cheeks as she forced the little pink slip of a tongue as far up my ass as it would reach and then wiggled it around. Now it was me who was moaning and making animal noises and rolling around. I reached down on both sides of my ass and grasped the sides of her sweet little head and pressed it tighter into my ass, flexing my cheeks to meet her wet little tongue thrusts. We continued on like this for a while. My cock was now drooling precum uncontrollably. With my hands still on the sides of her head I pulled her tongue out of my quivering ass and quickly flipped over. I laid her down on the bed on her back and stradled her chest. As the precum dangled lewdly from my throbbing cock, Staci strained her neck and tongue to try to catch it. We played a game of this, I tried to drizzle her face like I was decorating a sugar cookie and Staci would try to catch the end of a strand and suck it into her tender mouth. As my cock continued to drool and drip, we both had our victories, she managed to get quite a few tastes of my love juice and I succeeded in decorating her face quite nicely with my love-honey making a series of elaborate patterns that covered most of her smiling face. I teased her, rubbing the head of my dick over her sweet lips, feeling the underside of it slide across her braces. She would open her mouth thinking I was going to put it in and then I would pull it back again and rub it around on her lips some more. Finally when I couldn't take it anymore, I eased it in to her warm, wet, wanting mouth. She sucked at it eagerly and I worked the head and the first couple of inches in and out. I loved watching the rim of the head and blue veins of the shaft disappear beneath her delicate pink lips and then reappear again glistening with her saliva. Through quite a bit of this mouth fucking we maintained eye contact and I could tell that she loved me and loved being loved in this way. I knew that we would never go back and that I would never NOT love this girl or desire her in this way. She took total and complete possesion of me and I swore we would never be apart. I felt the pressure mounting in my testicles as my darling little neice nursed on my love flesh. She suckled on me like a calf sucking hungrily at its mother. My loins stiffened and I felt my molten love surging up through my member and unable to restrain it any longer, hot thick jets of steamy spunk pulsated into her baby mouth. I let out a gut wrenching primal groan with each pulsation. Her mouth quickly filled with the creamy spunk and I pulled the head out of her mouth so as not to choke her, but I was still spurting uncontrollably and gooey strings of white sperm draped across her angel face and silken hair. Some of it ran down the side of her face into her ear and some formed a thick white puddle in her eye socket. I looked down, her sweet face was covered and eventhough she had swallowed a lot of it, her mouth was still full. She opened her mouth and smiling, she formed a thick white sperm bubble between her lips. She closed her mouth and using her tongue and her teeth, forced the jizz in her mouth to flood out over her lips and down her cheeks and then quickly tried to round it up again with her tonge. She was really enjoying playing with my sperm. I decided to help her out and used the head of my dick to manuever the puddles of cum on her face back towards her mouth where her hungry tongue could gulp it down. She was my nine year old cum queen and I would love and worship her forever. That's when we heard the key in the door... I quickly rushed Staci into the bathroom. Her face and hair and beautiful black dress were all covered in cum. I barely got my pants on as Gloria opened the door. The room smelled like an adult bookstore on a Saturday night. I would have to decide on how I was going to deal with Gloria.

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