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On My Hands And Knees

Dbaby (user name changed to protect his naughty self ;) ) came in at the time he always does and asked if his CumGirl was there. That's what he calls me. I was sitting at the keyboard in the Malibu Beach Chat Bar at the time chatting with another regular customer who wasn't in for a show that night, he was just lonely and wanted to talk, I was happy to oblige. We like having guys who just come in and chat with us, too. Sure they buy a show now and then, but there is never any pressure around here to do so. Anyway, Dbaby told me he wanted to watch me play with my dildo while sucking on a nice hard cock. I had to run over to the Lifeguard Tower next door (we're right on the beach) and see if Todd, my favorite fuck-buddy was available. He was. Todd got his bag and came over to the Clubhouse right away. I got back on the keyboard and let Dbaby have the good news. I turned around and Todd was already buck naked with a raging hard-on. He has done shows with me before so he knew he was in for a quick, some intense, no-nonsense, get-over-here-and-fuck-my-brains-out sex! Dbaby clicked into the show and I went down on my knees to start sucking on Todd's dick. I love how big and hard it gets, and how the pre-come tastes. I dragged my fingers along the underside of Todd's balls and felt him shudder. I sucked a little more, pulling his cock out of my mouth and licking the sides up and down. Todd was reading Dbaby's requests on the screen, "Nikki, do you have any KY?" Todd asked. "Why?"
"Dbaby wants us to do a 69 with you on top and with me stuffing a dildo in you ass." I was so horny by that time, I was ready for anything, so I reached off-sreen and picked up the tube of KY we always keep handy for these things. I handed it to Todd while I got on my hands and knees. Todd scooted under me as the camera operator swung around to get the best angle to watch the dildo and my sucking at the same time. I felt Todd slick up my tight butt with the jelly and then I felt the head of the dildo pressing against it. Todd twisted it and pushed and it started going right in. I no time the entire eight inches was in my butthole. Man it sure felt HUGE! But I loved it. I've always had a sensitive asshole. Todd started really ramming my ass while I sucked Todd's cock. Todd looked at the screen every few seconds and soon Dbaby wrote, "Ok, now let him cum into a glass and let the camera see you drink it all down!" Todd started to pull the dildo out, but Dbaby wrote, "No, no, leave the dildo in. I think she likes it that way." He was right. Todd and I got up, with that dildo sticking out my ass and I started jacking and sucking Todd's cock wanting to make him cum asap. The camera operator handed me a wine glass and I held it right under Todd's dick. Soon, Todd began to cum. I watched as his semen shot into the glass. I kept jacking his cock with a twisting motion to make sure I got all the creamy treat.
When Todd was drained, I let the camera close-up on me. I held the glass above my mouth and let the spooge drip into my waiting mouth. Drip, drip, drip. I opened my mouth wide and made sure none missed my mouth. Then I let the camera see all that cum in my mouth. I kept my mouth open and the camera saw all the cum go right down my throat. Dbaby was VERY pleased, he told Todd to take me over his knee and really fuck my butt with the dildo. He asked for the camera to show where the dildo entered me. He wanted to imagine himself butt-fucking me til he came.
I bent over and Todd started really doing my ass. Dbaby must have liked the view because he wrote, "I cumming!" within about two minutes. Dbaby exited the video area and was silent for a couple minutes. Then he wrote, "Wow, that was fun! You're the greatest, Nikki. Gotta go, though. Gotta get some sleep." I wished him sweet dreams and he exited. I was still all heated up, though. I was the only one in the group who hadn't cum yet. The next customer in took care of that, though. I'll write about that next week.

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