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Into Her Hot Hole

Debra was a friend of mine at work. She was one of those ladies that all the guys had to roll up their tongues after she passed, and knew it. Most of the time she dressed to kill, and even when she didn't she caused heads to turn. When she moved into her condo, she asked around for help moving her furniture, and when the day came, nobody else but myself and my partner Bill showed up, driving Bill's old pickup. Deb and Bill got into a fight after all the heavy stuff had been moved, and he took off in the truck and left us with her little station wagon and a ton of things to move. We finished about 11:30 in the evening, and sat around for a while sipping beer and comparing notes on the "so-called friends" who promised to come and help and hadn't. In the process, Debra came up with a list of things that people had promised to do for her that I took on. Early the next Saturday, I showed up at her place with all the tools and supplys that I would need to take care of her list. Debra left me the keys and went out to take care of some shopping. I had finished off most of the list by the time she returned, and was busily putting the finishing touchs on a deadbolt when she came out of her bedroom dressed in a black string bikini and said that she was going down to the pool and to join her when I got done. Now I hadn't come prepared to go swimming, and all I had was the clothes I was wearing (a ratty Tee shirt and a pair of shorts), so when I got down to the pool, I told her that I couldn't get in. She said to empty the pockets of my shorts and dump my tee and just get on in, she would dry the shorts for me later. Being a married man, and not much at fooling around, I joined her and we mostly drank beer and yakked. Then Deb removed the top of her bikini, leaving her marvelous tits bare to the world with the excuse that she wanted to get some sun on them. I managed to sneek a look at them whenever I could and she wasn't hiding them, until this old geezer started screaming across the parking lot "YOU JEZEBEL, YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR TOP ON!" As he advanced on the pool, Deb grabbed her top and asked me to help her get into it quick, then sunk up to her neck in the water. When the old jerk came into the pool area, she stood up and meekly asked him what he was talking about. He ranted and raved so much that we decided to give up and go inside. Once inside, we had a giggle at him and Deb removed her top again, complaining that she may have gotten too much sun on her tits. Then she got me a towel and told me to give her my shorts. Twas a very strange feeling, sitting there in only a towel with this topless goddess, trying not to stare at her tits while keeping my dick in its place. We ran out of beer and started in on the bottle of rum she had in the kitchen.
After about an hour, Deb suggested that I go take a shower to clean the chlorine out of my hair. Showing me the guest bathroom like I'd never seen it before, she left me with soap and said she would return with some shampoo and to go ahead and get in. I started washing myself off, when I was joined by  "Let me wash your hair, it will get done faster, then you can do the same for me," she said. So I let her wash my hair. Now I'm about a head taller than Deb,so she had to reach up to get to my hair, and when she did, her firm breasts were mashed into my back, and when she told me to turn around, I kneeled down so she could have a better aim at my hair and found myself face to tit with her breasts. When she reached around to rub the shampoo into the back of my head, her left tit was suddenly in my mouth. I sucked in the nipple, grasping it between my lips and moving my jaw from side to side. Debra pulled my head closer and moaned. Then she let go and said "now it's your turn to wash my hair, if you would please." I took the shampoo and started to wash her long black hair, gently massaging the soap into it, trying not to get any in her eyes. While I was rubbing it in, she reached down and undid her bottoms, leaving her thick black bush and firm tight ass bare to the world. She told me not to forget the other head of hair she had, and to make sure that I got it completely clean. I filled my right hand with shampoo and reached down and covered her entire crotch with it, rubbing her bush, and feeling the heat escaping from within. Debra leaned back against me and felt down my belly until she got to my cock, which she pumped lightly in her hand. I continued to wash her bush, then took the shower head down and turned the water upon it. While rinsing her bush, I flicked the shower to pulse and spread her pussy lips apart, making sure a stream hit her clit. Debra began to pump my cock harder and harder until I suddenly filled her hand with a load of my cum. Then she turned around and washed my cock and balls and said it was time to get out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and dissapeared into her room. I took mine and went back to the living room and sat down at the table and drank another drink befor she came out of her room. She had dried her hair and was wearing this black gown, which when the light hit it just right, became completely transparent. She came over and pulled me up out of my chair and locked her lips to mine, kissed me deeply and then pulled me over to the couch. Pushing me down in the corner, she pulled my towel away as I sat down. My cock was standing at full attention and Debra sank down on the floor until her lips were poised just above it.
She reached out with the tip of her tongue and ran it around the tip of my cock, teasing it lightly with her touch until a drop of cum started to form, which she licked up quickly, then started down the length of my shaft, only touching it with the tip of her tongue. I sat there hypnotized by what she was doing to my cock, not believing that this beautiful woman would be giving me a blowjob! When she reached my balls, she reached up and lifted each one into her mouth, sucking gentily and licking on them both. Then she ran her tongue down the line of flesh between the bottom of my sack and my asshole. It felt like my whole body was beginning to burn, fire shot from the base of my cock up my spine to burst in my head. I lost track of everything, just feeling her lips and tongue on my cock and balls. She opened her mouth wide and moved it around my cock head, not touching it, just breathing warm air out and then when I thought I would go crazy, closing her lips down and sucking me hard. I arched my back and started entwining my fingers in her hair. She reached down and fingered my balls, running a finger up and down the line of my ball sack and down towards my tail end occasionally. My balls began to tighten and she started pumping my shaft and move the straps of her gown down so that it fell down to her waist. When I started to cum, she stuck the tip of her tongue into the hole at the end of my cock and pulled back then released me so that I came across her breasts, leaving a string of my cum from her chin, down her throat and across each breast, covering her nipples and coating her cleavage, dripping down towards her navel. She reached down and rubbed my cum into her skin, saying that is was the best thing to take care of her sunburn. I picked Debra up, letting her gown fall the rest of the way off of her petite body and carried her towards her room, where I lay her carefully across her kingsize waterbed with her tail balanced on the padded rail at the side. Then I knelt down and slowly ran my tongue up her right leg from her heel to her crotch, then across her pussy lightly and down her left leg. I started to return to her right heel by the same route, but when I got to her crotch, she wrapped her legs around my head and reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips, pulling my head forward so that my lips were buried in her steaming box. Then she held my head still and began to move her hips up and down, rubbing her soaking bush across my chin and nose. I shoved my tongue into her hot hole, and she pulled her legs tighter against the back of my head, holding me in place so that my tongue was buried in her. I began to tongue fuck her pussy and reached up with one hand and started rubbing her clit slowly, moving it around in circles and thumbing it as hard as she would let me. Her pussy began to suck on my tongue, pulling it in as far as it could get it, then squeezing it. I began stroaking my cock with my other hand, preparing for the time when I would be allowed to bury it deep within the hole that held my tongue captive. Debra was rolling her hips, moaning and pinching her nipples. I pulled and stroked her clit faster and faster, until her pussy let go of my tongue and filled my mouth with her succulent juice. She screamed and her legs relaxed, letting me stand up.
I placed the tip of my cock at the top of her slit and began to rub it up and down slowly, enjoying the feel of her hot wet flesh as the head of my cock glided over the full lips of her pussy and within them. Every time I got close to her open hole, she tried to pull me in, but I pulled back, teasing her with my stiff member. While I moved up and down her slit, I reached up with my free hand and massaged her swollen breasts, thumbing her nipples and mashing her breasts into her chest. Finally she was begging me to put my cock into her pussy, pleading and crying that she needed it buried deep within her. I pulled away, then as fast as I could move, I buried myself to the hilt in her juicy box. Debra screamed and came immediately, but kept begging me to fuck her. So I started moving in and out of her tight hole as slowly as I could and keep control over my desire to fill her with my sperm then and there. I moved deep within her and could feel the back wall of her cunt, which made her jump, then I would move out until the head of my cock was just barely within her and she would try to move her hips up to pull it back in. Taking my time, I again moved deep within her steaming hole, feeling the heat of her cunt around my hard cock and the muscles of her pussy pulling on it. Debra was writhing around the bed and I gradually lay down on top of her then kneeled with my cock within her and moved her body around until I was laying behind her with my cock buried deeper within her than it had been before. She pulled her leg up to her chest, and began to move her cunt around in circles while I stroked in and out of her. I moved around until I was moving so deep into her that I thought I would split her apart. Debra was moaning, telling me how wonderful it felt, begging me to make her cum. I reached down and stroked her tits, squeezing them in my hands, kneeding them together while I continued my slow strokes in her totally soaked pussy. Suddenly Debra stiffened and screamed, her nipples hardening in my hands, her clit standing out of her labia and her cunt grabbing my cock so hard that I couldn't move as she flooded juice around it. When I could move again, I continued with the same long slow strokes, and Debra started cumming continually. I could feel every muscle in her cunt tighten, then was rewarded with a flow of her musky juice. I finally couldn't hold back and pulled her close, ramming my cock into her pussy as far as I could, feeling the sperm come from my balls, down the tube of my cock and burst forth within her deepest recesses, mixing with her juice to coat my cock. I continued to cum, shooting a total of six times before I could shoot no more. Debra was cumming so hard and so fast that I had to hold on tight to her to be kept from being thrown off of her and the bed. When she finally calmed down, she pulled away from me and began to lick and suck my cock clean. I returned the favor, licking her labia clean and sucking her pussy as dry as I could without setting off another flood of her juices. When we were both done, we kissed, mixing the flavors from both our tongues cleanings and pulling each other close.

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