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I Was Almost Virgin Tight

Heels dug in, muscles taut, I arched my six foot body up from the bed, whimpering with pleasure. Hot waves of ecstasy washed through me as I panted and moaned, sweat dripping from my tense flesh, puddling on the sheet. The musty odor of sex juice mingled with sweat penetrated my nostrils, adding to the passion roaring through my veins. My nipples were hard and aching, my face twisted as though in pain, my toes curled. Convulsions spread from my throbbing clit to my cunt, and I screamed as my orgasm took hold. I let the vibrator fall between my taut thighs and plunged my thumb into my spasming pussy, eager to feel the contractions as my climax leveled out and then tapered off. Moaning softly, I settled gently on the bed, hips jerking as aftershocks smashed through my loins. When my pleasure subsided, I switched off the still-humming vibrator, wiped clit-cream from the knob, jerked the plug from the wall, and slid it into the night table drawer. Then I fell back on the bed pulling gasps of air into my stressed lungs. Tingles ran through me from the powerful orgasm, but something was missing. I knew what it was - a man. I wanted a guy's arms around me, a guy's lips on my ear lobes and neck, a guy's cock exploding in my cunt or mouth. Sighing, I rose and stretched, checking myself out in the mirror. I saw green eyes set in a pretty face, framed by soft, sandy hair. Generous mouth with full, sensuous lips. Well proportioned limbs, supple and curved. Full ass. Firm, tanned thighs. Flat, smooth belly. I had to admit that I was attractive - some would say beautiful. There were problems though. I was taller than most men, and a lot of guys hate to date tall women. I had a Ph.D. in history, and a lot of guys hate to date smart women. And I had tiny titties. Thanks to movies, magazines and TV, a lot of guys thought that a real woman had to have gigantic boobs. Boobs for boobs, I thought, examining my cupcakes in the mirror. A slight dusting of freckles made them cute, if not sexy. Swollen, coral-colored areolas set off long pink buds. Cute, I thought, cute and little. I gave up my self examination, showered and pulled on a simple shift and sandals. The night was warm as I headed across campus to the class in European history I taught on Tuesday evenings. My mind shifted to the class and the Period of Colonial Expansion. My unexpanded tits were temporarily forgotten. After my lecture, several students gathered around, eager to continue the discussion. It was only eight, so I suggested we retire to the campus pub for a cold beer. Three students joined me, a bright but plain coed named Jane, her boyfriend Buddy, and Jim McDonald, known to one and all as Mac. Mac was considerably older than the other students, in his early thirties, and probably had a couple of years on me. He was the local Marine Corps recruiter, working on his degree at night. Though he was about four inches shorter man me, he walked with that cocky strut I've noticed in Marines. His body was hard and wiry, face weather beaten and lined, with a small, white scar on his left cheek. Mac was a staff sergeant, a veteran of the Gulf War, and had the self-confident poise that comes from having led men in combat. I liked him and wondered if he minded that my body was tall and my tits small. Maybe a Marine's ego would be large enough that he wouldn't be intimidated by my size, my education, or my flat chest. Maybe. We shared a pitcher of light beer while Mac and I argued over the results of France losing her North American colonies. Jane chimed in on my side, arousing Mac's competitive nature. Buddy kept quiet, sipping beer and holding Jane's hand. We ordered a second pitcher, but after the first glass, Buddy tugged Jane away, concerned about his eight a.m. physics class.
Mac and I went on talking. Gradually, the conversation turned personal - probably not wise with a student, but I was lonely and he wasn't some kid. He told me about his divorce from a too- young wife who cheated while he was overseas, and his seven year old son who lived with her in California. My heart went out to him, and I covered his hand with mine. I found myself telling him about my dating problems. Mac made sympathetic noises and I realized that our knees had drifted together under the table. I could feel the fabric of his dress-blue trousers against my bare knee - he'd come to class directly from the recruiting office - and a tingle of desire ran up my leg to my crotch. I increased the pressure, and kept talking, feeling my pubic delta grow damp We finished the beer. Taking a deep breath, I asked, How about something stronger, sergeant? Mac glanced at the bar. I could use a bourbon he shrugged, but this is strictly a beer joint.I think I've a bottle of Old Granddad at my place. I held my breath. Mac smiled that cocky grin. Lead on Ma'am.! We rose and I noticed that he had to adjust the front of his blue trousers. We walked through the quiet night, Mac's white hat and khaki shirt standing out in the moonlight. Passion was boiling in me, and my panties were soaked. I needed a man, and this was a real man. His short height didn't count any more than my small breasts. Mac browsed in my bookcase, while I poured two stiff bourbons - with just a splash of water. He raised his glass in a toast. Here's to getting what you want, professor! You can help I murmured, trembling. I gulped a swallow of bourbon while he held my eyes. I'd love to help, Linda he said, taking my glass and setting it down. His callused hand reached up and pulled my head down for a kiss. Mac's mouth burned my moist lips. His tongue wormed its way into my mouth, wrestling with mine. Delight coursed through my body. I broke the kiss and took his hand, leading him into my bedroom. Snapping on the soft night light, I turned to face him, breathing hard. Here's what you get, Marine! I said. Kicking off my sandals, I pulled the shift over my head. Mac's eyes drank in my body, naked except for my briefs. I wished I had worn sexy panties instead of me plain white ones, but he didn't seem to mind. I could smell the aroma of my aroused cunt and I was trembling.
You are truly lovely, Linda, he said. Your body is magnificent. I Iove your long legs and those delicate, sexy breasts. He wet one finger in his mouth and reached out to trace it around a nipple. I shuddered with longing at his touch. Hurry, I begged. Mac stepped forward and knelt in front of me. Gently, slowly, he pulled my panties down. I stepped free, and he brought them to his face, inhaling deeply. Lust rushed through me and my body shook harder. Mac leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on my pubes where my throbbing clit was trying to peek through my cunt lips. I moaned in pleasure. He rose and pulled me to the bed. Ill be right with you. I lay back and watched him strip. Even in passion he was precise, carefully folding his uniform over the back of a chair so it wouldn't wrinkle. When he pushed down his white boxer shorts and kicked them off, I gasped. Mac might be short, but his cock was a good seven inches long and fat as a baby's leg. He walked over to the bed, muscles rippling in his naked torso, immense white boner bobbing lewdly. I leaned over and flicked my tongue over the head, catching a drop of his pre-come. It was sour and delicious. Mac gave a gasp of pleasure. I grasped his erect organ and drew him onto the bed. Mac lay back while I bent over his loins, hungry to taste his lovely cock. He moaned deeply when I closed my mouth over the head. My tongue is large and I've been told it's slightly raspy like a cat's. I held the base of his shaft, afraid to let it plunge deep and choke me, and lapped on the head, tongue curling around the sensitive ridge. Mac was moaning and bucking up at my mouth, trying to fuck into my throat. His hips rolled and jerked while my tongue laved and bathed the knob of his prick
I can't hold back Linda he cried I'm going to come in your mouth! Suddenly I wanted his cream. Holding desperately to his cock, I redoubled the lashing of my tongue. Mac's moans rose to a crescendo and I new his peak was hitting. His hands clutched my head, and hot spurts of seed blasted into my mouth, coating my tongue and throat. Mac cried out like he'd been wounded and I swallowed greedily, my mouth and throat working to contain his spurts. Passion was flooding my cunt, and the spasms of tiny orgasms rippled through my groin, making me quiver with him. Mac subsided and fell back on the bed. I cuddled next to him and captured his lips in a sticky kiss. He was totally uninhibited about the fact that I had just sucked him off, kissing me passionately. My pulse was pounding in my ears and I broke the kiss. Propping a pillow under his head, I swung one taut thigh over his body and settled my dripping vulva toward his mouth. His hands clutched my hips and pulled me down. Lust raced through me as his tongue licked the length of my moist slit, finally working on my clit. Fire was roaring in my moist triangle and belly, and I pushed my cunt hard against his mouth. Mac's lips captured my engorged clit and began to nurse on it, returning the favor I had given him. Wave after wave of ecstasy swept through me. My juice was soaking his lips and chin. I began coming, one great, shuddering orgasm after the other. My squeals pierced the night and I thought briefly of the neighbors upstairs. Another orgasm swept over me and it seemed like I'd never stop coming. I pulled my cleft free of his mouth. Enough, I pleaded. I need to be stuffed! I worked my way down Mac's twitching body, feeling behind me for his cock My hand found it, standing at attention again, stiff and firm. I settled over it, and swiped the tip the length of my furrow, wetting his knob with my juice. Mac groaned as my damp pubic curls caressed his glans. When the head was lubricated, I fitted it carefully into my seething grotto. I wasn't worried about the length, but the thickness of his piston scared me a bit. I was a big girl, but I hadn't had many guys and I knew I was almost virgin tight. I eased down on his dick, moaning in sweet pain as it stretched the oozing membranes of my cunt. Mac's hips lifted as he tried to thrust into my pussy, but I backed off. Lay still, honey, Ill do it, I begged. He settled down. Steadily I impaled myself on his cock letting it slowly stretch my sheath. Ripples of pleasure-pain rolled through my body. My nipples ached with lust and desire. Mac was making soft, happy noises deep in his chest. Finally our pubic hair locked and I had his entire thick penis imbedded in my cunt. I moaned with joy and began squeezing it with my vaginal muscles. He cried out in surprise and pleasure at the first squeeze. I ran my hands over his hard chest, playing with his nipples. He couldn't thrust with my strong body holding him down. Steadily I massaged his cock with my pulsing cunt. Mac began thrashing his head from side to side. I knew his orgasm was coming. Leaning forward, I trailed my erect nipples over his lips. He took the hint and sucked one in, biting the nubbin softly. I moaned and began rolling my hips, working his cock in and out of my inflamed, wet cleft. We were crying and moaning, deep sounds of pleasure and lust. Orgasm overtook me, and I began churning my hips, a wild, flailing, grinding motion that no cock could resist. As my climax surged in me, Mac cried out, Oh, God I'm coming! His sinuous arms held my body tight to his chest as his immense cock fired burst after burst of his come deep in my pussy. His climax pushed me over the peak. I screamed in his ear and bit down on his shoulder, drawing salty blood in my passion. Mac never noticed, intent on how the convulsions of my spasming cunt were milking the last of his cream. I collapsed against his body, and we drifted off into a slumber that was like a coma. For the first time I knew why the French call orgasm the little death. I woke to counting: 21, 22, 23... Mac was doing push-ups beside my bed. I rolled over and smiled lazily a him, feeling content and rested, though the clock said 6.00 a.m. - an hour earlier than I usually rise. After 25 pushups, he rose and poured me a cup of coffee from the pot he'd brought to the bedroom. We showered together, caressing each other's sexual fleas, and then he left to collect a fresh uniform at his apartment. He promised to call after work. Taking a fresh cup of coffee, I went to sit on the patio. Warmth and happiness created a glow to match the rising sun. Being a real woman had nothing to do with big tits, I thought, just as being a real man had nothing to do with height. It's the size of his heart and brain that counts. Then I giggled. A seven inch, stiff cock doesn't hurt either, I whispered. I was looking forward to the evening.

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