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His Engorged Prick

"God Marsha, you've got to be the best fuck in the whole world," said Mark. I giggled. It's nice to be appreciated by your boyfriend. Still. . . Just being liked as a good fuck, isn't enough to base a lifetime together on. I needed to know if there was enough more to our relationship to stand him finding someone "better" than me. . . At sex, that is. I already knew we were well- matched in some other things. . . Our kinky fantasies, for example: Like our present one. Since neither my boyfriend and I had any opposite-sex siblings, we had both spent our early years after puberty in a haze of horny hormones, just dreaming of the possibilities of having a brother or sister right down the hall to help us find out, "The facts of life." Only I understand it isn't really that way with real brothers and sisters. Still, many times like today we had acted out the fantasy where "Big Brother" or "Little Sister" would sneak down to the other's bedroom, and slip into bed with his or her sibling, "Just to feel what it's like." Occasionally, we did fantasies where he was my "Daddy" and I was his "little girl" or I was his mother, but those didn't seem to be quite so exciting as the ones where we played brother-and- sister helping each other out. Maybe it's because we already HAD real parents, and it was too close to the "real thing" to be as good a fantasy; being more like a nightmare. The nice thing about these fantasies was we didn't have to worry about things that might happen in real life, like getting pregnant by my own father or horny big brother, or getting caught by outraged parents, or nosy little sisters. We could even pretend really kinky things, like my having my "Big Brother" getting me pregnant with perfect safety, since I was on the pill; which would be hard to do, if I was really a little girl fucking her own brother. . . My parents would want to know who I was fucking, before they let me. Heck, it was only because they knew Mark and I had a "thing" going on right now, that they let me, even at 16, and when they knew the two of us were planning on getting married when Mark got his License next year. Can you imagine what they would say if they found out the guy I was letting in my panties, was my own brother? But realities like these didn't stop us from our fantasies. Today, for a change, I was his "Big Sister" showing her little brother what he had been missing. Only my boyfriend's remark had gotten me to thinking. "You really think so?" I asked; grinding my crotch against his; while doing my best to milk his creamy sperm up inside my tight little hole where it belonged. In a minute, "Big Sister" was going to get a bellyful of her "Little Brother's" potent sperm in her "unprotected" belly; learning that "the facts of life" apply to brothers and sisters too. Such a kick, pretending that you're getting pregnant by your own brother.
1 "Oooh! You've got to be," he moaned, as I felt the first jerk of his penis that heralded the imminent arrival of his precious semen squirting inside my horny little crack. Damn, I couldn't wait to get married, so we could do this "for real" with Mark's potent seed squirting wildly into my unprotected womb; getting me pregnant with his baby. God! What fantasies we could have then! On the other hand, I'd better make sure it was ME he liked, not just my hot little hole squeezing the thick cum out of his horny prick. I decided to do it. "If you think I'M good at sex," I moaned, as I felt the first spasm of his prick filling my belly with his precious seed, "you ain't fucked NOBODY, until you've fucked my little sister." "Ginny?" gasped Mark, as his prick bucked in my belly. For sure, the thought of fucking the little 12-year-old wasn't turning him off. "But she's just a kid!" he groaned, as he sent one last dribble of hot sperm oozing into my belly. "Kid?" I snorted. "That little slut? Ginny hasn't been a 'kid' since she was six years old, and first sneaked into Daddy's bedroom, where she's been sleeping ever since. I got MY lessons in life just by watching my little sister 'practice making a baby' with Daddy, when she got knocked-up the first time at 10." "The FIRST time?" Mark groaned again, as his prick spasmed inside me at the very thought of my sexy little sister getting pregnant by her own father at the ripe young age of only 10. "Uhuh," I said, completing the calumny. "You don't think she stopped at just ONE, do you? Where do you think our two 'little sisters' really came from? My mother? Who do you think had Daddy knock the little shit up? Mom's getting way too old to have kids any more." (Another lie. At only 40, Mother was quite young enough to have 3 or 4 more kids if she wanted to.) "So you see," I said, completing the fabrication, "my 'little sisters' are also my nieces as well. It's only because Daddy put a stop to it, saying that two kids by his own daughter was enough, that Daddy isn't fucking her now; leaving my little sister an aching ball of horniness." All of this was a lie of course, as Mark well knew; having been friends of the family even before we started going steady. He had seen my mother with a big belly, and knew that there's no way he would have missed Ginny with one. Still, like most lies, this one had a grain of truth in it. Ginny had only fucked Daddy twice, before he found out she was having periods and stopped; saying, "I'm not getting my own kid pregnant." As for me, I sure hadn't gotten my 'lessons in life' from watching my little sister 'get it on' with Daddy, either. More like the other way around, with her sneaking peeks at me and Mark; getting the little girl horny enough to sneak into Daddy's room, where he was just as horny as she was, from hearing the two of us go at it like bunnies. I only knew about all this, because I caught the little shit sneaking out of Daddy's room afterwards, with the smell of sex coming from her body almost strong enough to knock me down. If Mother had caught her. . . 2 Anyway, I got Ginny to tell me the whole story the next day, when I threatened to tell Mother, if she didn't. (Not that I WOULD have. I like things around our house just fine the way they are, and don't want our parents getting a divorce over a little thing like that.) Who knows, maybe sometime I can use it as a lever to find out how good Daddy really is in bed; and if he's as good at sex as my little sister's actions imply he is. Whatever. . . In the meantime there was the one last bit of truth in my story. Ginny WAS getting as horny as a two-peckered goat, after having had it twice with Daddy, and nothing in the month-and-a-half since. And I figured that with her being younger and probably a LOT tighter inside than I am, I wouldn't be exaggerating all that much about her being a better fuck. Still, being a good fuck isn't everything, as I hoped Mark was aware of. Well, if not, then it was time I found out; BEFORE we got married and started having kids together. So, if I succeeded in this little scheme to get Mark to fuck my little sister, I would accomplish several things at once. FIRST, I would get my little sister laid, which she seemed to need desperately. By this time, Daddy probably had put her on the pill long enough that she would be "safe." Or at least, so I hoped. SECOND, if Mark fell for my little sister instead of me, just because she was a better fuck, then at least I'd find out that sex was the only thing he was interested in, and all three of us would be happier, if the two of us didn't make the mistake of getting married. THIRD, it was plain just going to be FUN, watching the older boy fuck the little kid. (OK, she's not a 'kid'. She may be only 12, but she's a real woman, where it counts, as she's been having periods for over two years now, and while she doesn't have boobs and an ass like I do, she's not flat like a pre-teen either. In fact, Ginny is one VERY sexy little girl.) FOURTH, if I succeeded, maybe Ginny would find out that other guys besides her own father could be just as fun in bed; keeping her from ending up an old-maid; pining for somebody she couldn't have. FIFTH, I was sure that Mark would enjoy it. . . Since I love the big lug, knowing I could make him happy, even by having him screw my little sister, made me happy. SEVENTH, Daddy might feel better, if he knew his horny little girl was finally getting laid by someone other than her own father. EIGHTH, Mother. . . Aw shit! That's enough. Lets just say I had plenty of other reasons too, OK? Well, once we recovered from our respective climaxes, it didn't take me long to persuade Mark to try it; once I convinced him I was serious, and wouldn't get all uptight about him fucking some other woman; especially my own sister. Ginny took a little longer; but as horny as she was getting after having once (OK, twice.) felt a real man inside her hot little hole, she eventually ended up convincing herself, as I thought she would.
Thus it was, that two days later I found myself once again sliding up and down on my boyfriend's thick prick; only this time it was while my own sister watched the two of us with incredulous eyes. "Oh my God, you're really doing it," she exclaimed while fingering her bare little slit. It had taken a while, but I had finally convinced her that the proper attire for voyeurism, was no attire at all. Ginny was just as naked as we were. Somehow I got the impression that Ginny hadn't really believed that Mark and I actually fucked; with his prick going right up inside me like this. Here I had supposed she knew more about sex, with her constant peeking. Not to mention her escapades with Daddy, where I saw his thick white cum running down the inside of her leg from fucking him, after she left his room that day. What did she EXPECT the two of us to do? Jack each other off, or something? "Oh God, I'm going to cum," groaned Mark, as the stimulation of having one sexy girl suck him off with her tight little cunny, while yet another equally sexy little girl watched and waited for "her turn", was too erotic to handle. I felt him twitch inside me, and knew I was having my horny little hole filled with my lover's thick creamy seed. Too soon. . . Oh well, this was mainly for Mark and Ginny's sake, and I could get off later. Besides, when he came this quickly, it usually meant that Mark would be able to go all that much longer; my boyfriend being one of those rare men who could cum two or sometimes even three times in a girl, before his prick got too limp to do it again. "Oh God!" said Ginny; staring in amazement at where Mark's thick prick vanished into my body. A thick white drool of cum oozed out the side, giving evidence of his climax. This seemed to be what so impressed my little sister. "Oh God," she repeated, "he came in you." "That's the whole idea, Little Sister," I said, with satisfaction at the knowledge that my boyfriend's sperm was oozing into my womb, where it belonged. "But, what if you get. . .?" "Pregnant?" I supplied. Ginny nodded blushing. Well, if Ginny didn't know I was on the pill like she was, I wasn't about to disabuse her of the notion right then. It was kind of kinky to know my little sister thought I might be getting pregnant while she watched. I almost climaxed at the very idea. "Well," I said, "I guess I'll just have to take my chances; won't I?" Ginny seemed to shudder with excitement. I guess the idea WAS as erotic to her, as it was to me. "Now get over here, 'Little Sister'," I said, "it's your turn." I pulled off Mark's prick, squeezing it as I did so; so that only a drop of white goo remained on the tip of his white- streaked cock; most of his precious sperm being trapped inside me where it belonged. I helped Mark position my little sister on the bed; so he could slide his still cum-drooling prick up inside her. The white streaks of his and my spendings would just make him slipperier, and thus made it easier for him to get inside her. No point in having my boyfriend wipe himself off and waste it; having to start all over again. 4 "But I don't. . . I can't. . . I'm not. . . Ow! . . .Oh God, you're doing it!" I giggled. By the time my little sister had finished objecting, she did, she could, and she WAS fucking my boyfriend, as the thick, obscenely white-streaked sausage slid into the little girl with a rush that didn't stop until Mark's prick was buried to the hilt in her belly, and his thick black pubic hair was meshed with the sparse down that barely decorated my sister's plump little slit. I knew my boyfriend was leaking his pre-cum and sperm in the little girl's womb, where she so desperately needed it. "Oh GOD, Marsha, she so tight!" groaned Mark. I could tell the older boy was fighting to keep from splattering my little sister's womb full of baby-juice, before he got all the way inside her. We both wanted the little girl to feel him sliding in and out for a nice long time, before he filled her tummy with his seed. That way, it would be better for both of them. Thank God he had cum inside me first, or he might have lost control the moment he put the tip in. I have to admit, my little sister was one hot fuck. So did Mark. "Oh God, Marsha," repeated Mark, "you were right. She's incredible. I can't believe it. . . She's milking me off inside, and I'm not even moving!" "I. . . I'm not doing anything," moaned Ginny, "I just can't help it. It feels soooo good! Auugh!" With the last exclamation, Ginny suddenly started bucking underneath her older lover; grabbing my boyfriend and forcing him down on top of her; so his hairy chest was rubbing against her developing young titties, and she had wrapped her legs around his; while the two of them rutted frantically like two minks. It was an incredible sight. It usually took me ten or fifteen minutes to get Mark to cum the second time, as his prick wasn't so sensitive after squirting the first time in me. Astonishingly, after only two minutes of being inside my little sister, Mark achieved his second climax of the afternoon; shoving his engorged prick to the hilt in the little girl, while groaning all the time about how hot and tight and wet she was inside, and how she was pulling the sperm from his prostate right up inside her womb. It seems that I had been right, when I told Mark, "You ain't fucked NOBODY, 'til you've fucked my little sister." I was getting jealous just watching, in spite of my pleasure at seeing the two people I loved most in the world enjoying themselves so much together. I just hoped I hadn't overdone it, and lost my fiance to my little sister. "Oooh God, that was good," moaned Mark, as the two lovers finally pulled apart. Ginny just collapsed in a heap. "Thanks, Big Sister," she finally managed to groan, in gratitude to me for 'loaning' her my boyfriend to fuck. I was more worried about how Mark felt than my little sister. . . I needn't have worried.
5 "You're right," he finally managed to gasp, "she IS a better fuck than you are." For a moment, I felt disappointed in his words, even if I knew they were true. Then Mike finished his comment. "But I wouldn't trade you for three of her," he said, "'cause YOU are the one I need and love, and who set me up with her. . . Besides, isn't a boy supposed to fall in love with the FIRST one of his sisters, who creeps into bed with him?" he asked, bringing giggles from me, and a perplexed look from Ginny. Mark was right. Ginny might be hotter, tighter, and a better fuck than I was, but our fun and fantasies together would keep us having fun at sex for many years past the time when most people had given it up as, "Too boring." Sex would NEVER be boring for the two of us. . . Especially if we invited my little sister to join us once in a while, when she needed it. Thinking of which. . . I looked at where Ginny lay sprawled in an obscene flop on the bed. Her crotch was a mess, as she had managed to suck out more sperm from Mark's prick in one two-minute fuck, than I usually did in three or four times over an hour or two. "C'mon Mark," I said, grinning at my 'Big Brother'. "Let's get our 'Little Sister' cleaned up. After all, we just wanted to teach her 'how babies were made,' we didn't really want to get our own little sister pregnant. Your sperm is probably wriggling it's way up inside our 'little sister's' womb right now." Ginny looked down at her sperm-matted crotch, at this obscene remark, and said, "Oh God, you DID do it in me, didn't you?" "Yes," I said, with some satisfaction, "and he did a pretty good job in me too. C'mon Little Sister, let's go get cleaned up. Our 'Big Brother' Mark will help." Ginny was too wasted to even giggle at the thought of Mark being our brother. Still, she DID giggle when we all got in the shower together, and cleaned up. "There, Little Sister," I said; still emphasizing our relationship. "'you feel better now?" Ginny looked back and forth at the two of us, and finally nodded. "I suppose," she said, "but I STILL find it hard to believe I just did that." "Believe it, Little Sister," I said. "You did it, and so did I. And you can do it again, any time you feel like it; as long as you ask me first." (I wasn't about to let the horny little slut start sneaking Mark into her bed, when I wasn't around. He might find out he liked HER better than me after all, if I wasn't there to remind him that a hot little hole and sexy body and a great fuck weren't the only things that a girl had to offer her mate.) For a moment, Ginny seemed to think about it; then shuddered for some reason and shook her head. I guess the idea of sleeping with her big sister's boyfriend on a continual basis, wasn't all that appealing to her; wanting a man of her own (like Daddy) to fuck. . . Not that I blame her. "I'd better not," she decided. "It's OK, for YOU, as you're getting married. I just don't dare." I shrugged. "Your loss, Little Sister," I said, and that was that. 6 Or that SHOULD have been that. It's now about six months later, and Mark and I are planning on getting married in one more, as we just can't wait to start having children. Seeing Ginny with a slightly swollen tummy just makes me ache to feel mine in the same condition, and Mark feels the same way. Yes, Ginny's pregnant. Mark and I have offered to adopt the baby, but my little sister wants to raise it herself. Our parents don't know whose it is, as Ginny isn't telling, and she made us both promise we wouldn't either. She's going to have to raise the baby all by herself; with a little help from Mother and Dad, and sometimes from us, when she lets us. Oh well, it's all her own fault anyway. How the hell should I know that the little kid was still a virgin, and didn't know enough to take precautions? It seems that Daddy really hadn't fucked her after all; just jacking off on her tummy; being scared even then, when some of it ran down between her legs. And she had thought that was making love. Why didn't the little shit TELL us she was a virgin? How was I supposed to know she was fertile? It's all her fault. . . It has to be. I mean, after all, she's 12 years old.

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