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A Day at the Pool

The mad twittering of a goldfinch staking his claim to a branch outside my window heralded the arrival of a new day. It was destined to be another scorcher, from the early morning warmth, cloudless hazy sky and rising humidity, I gathered. I rolled lazily out of bed, stretched, and shuffled into the bathroom. "Nice hair," I thought, yawning, as I passed the mirror and saw the reflection of my matted and splayed mane. I turned on the shower and waited for the hot water to snake up through the labyrinth of copper tubing leading from the basement to the second floor. A few adjustments and I hopped into the shower. By the time I got out I was fully awake and alert, ready to face a new day without a job. I had the dubious fortune to graduate from college at the nadir of an economic downturn during which no one was hiring, even people with engineering degrees. Still, I had a small income from doing odd jobs, so I could afford to eat and more or less keep my tired station wagon on the road, but I was pretty sick of playing the role of the starving now ex-college student. Something had to break. As it was Tuesday, I had to go clean the pool at the apartment complex where I lived. While I was out of work and while the regular pool guy was laid up with a broken leg, I managed to finagle my way into cleaning the pool for spending money. It usually ended up being spent on wine and beer and gas, or brakes or whatever I needed to keep my jalopy on the road. I really didn't mind keeping up the pool. It was easy enough, certainly, allowed me to be outside and enjoy the sun and to keep up my tan. I have the good fortune to have the sort of skin that tans very easily, holds the as at 7 am. Later in the day it would be a madhouse, with children running and splashing and calling "Mommy! Mommy! Watch this!" I listened to the birds as I got the vacuum hooked up. It was going to be a truly glorious day, I decided, looking at the sky and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, even at this slight angle of the sun. I began to sweep across the bottom of the pool, picking up the detritus of a couple days of frolicking along with a few coins and other junk. It didn't take long before I had my shirt off, and a light sheen of sweat on my torso. The clanging of the gate got my attention. "Shit!" I looked up at young professional woman in a cotton cover-up, who looked back at me with the eyes of one who desperately wanted something. "I forgot my key. Actually, I left my key because the lock was broken, but now it's not." I strolled over to the gate and let her in. "Thank you," she responded with genuine gratitude. "No problem," I offered as she walked past; I kept my eyes glued to her fine ass. Yum. She deftly stepped out of her cover-up and this bikini clad beauty was truly a sight to behold. What a way to start the day, I thought, and suddenly being behind a desk didn't seem so important. She dove in off the board directly, and began to swim some laps. I vacuumed the shallow end while she got in her exercise, but I kept an eye on her the whole time without being quite so rude as to stare. She was really something, all right. Her technique was flawless; perfect rotation, effortless breathing, smooth entry. She must have had some training. Watching her body slice through the water it seemed almost erotic, although at that point anything could incite a rampage of hormones. She got out after a dozen laps or so. I happened to be standing near her towel, so I picked it up as she walked towards. Her nipples, rigid to the cold, arrived before she did. I could just make out her dark aureoles beneath the orange suit; it was all I could do not to stare. Such ripe, full breasts jutting proudly from her chest; I really wanted to touch them, to feel them in my mouth. She took the towel from my outstretched hand and thanked me. "Beautiful day," she sighed. "I'll say. Now's the perfect time; it's not too hot, and it's quiet down here." We exchanged a few more light pleasantries and she let herself out of the pool area. I got back to work.
Before long the pool was clean and I had errands to run. By the time I got back from running my errands, it was already 90 and the sun was beating almost straight down from the sky. I was hot and sweaty and bored, so I got into my suit and went down to the pool. Plenty of women with young children chattered pleasantly with the occasional reprimand to a running or splashing child thrown in for variety. And the teenagers were back. It was torture for me, watching these young, nubile bodies ripening in the sun. They ranged in age from around 14 to maybe 17. There were a half dozen of them, and they were all into the sun worship thing. And babes! Every one of them had something to offer the eyes. What I wouldn't give to be in a naked pig pile with them. Ahem. I took my place on a lawn chair where I could view these lovelies without being obvious about it. The strawberry blonde began to oil the brunette with the long French braid. How I longed to do the same! And not a one of the girls was flat chested. Not they were all stacked or anything, but each had an inviting amount of flesh just begging for the attention of my hands or mouth. I wished. These girls didn't even notice me, or so I thought. I watched over these girls for the next hour or so. Every feeling I'd had as a teenager came rushing back. I felt almost wistful about the whole thing. Then a few kids engaged in horseplay splashed me, and one of them tripped over my chaise. What better reason to move closer to the girls, out of the way of the marauding youngsters. So I pulled my lounge chair over by the girls; it was getting even more crowded and that was one of the last places left. They didn't seem to mind. Paradoxically, even though I was physically closer to the young fillies, I couldn't really scope them as well because it would have been too obvious. I decided to read my book. There was some giggling and carrying on happening right next to me, but I didn't know what it was about. And then four of the six girls got up and went into the water, leaving two lovelies behind. The strawberry blonde was starting to get a little red on her back and I told her so. She pulled out a tube of spf 15 and asked me if I'd mind putting it on her. No problem, I responded with feigned casualness. She sat on my lounge and held her hair up off her back for me while I spread the milky liquid over her skin. I carefully rubbed each drop until it was absorbed and covered her skin millimeter by millimeter. I could feel her body relaxing as I touched her. I don't know which of us enjoyed it more. She purred deep in her throat and sighed "That feels really nice." I went all the way down to her bikini bottoms, stroking her hips in an anything but platonic application of sunscreen. "If you lay down on your towel, I'll do the back of your legs," I offered. "Oh, will you?" She squeaked. I did her thighs, down to her calves and her pretty ankles, too. I was rock hard and glad I didn't have a speedo on lest the rest of the crowd notice my up periscope straining to find a way out of my shorts. The other girl, Olivia, was a neighbor's daughter. She had short brown hair, a few freckles on her nose, and pretty blue eyes. She was also 14, and about to embark on a career of breaking little boys' hearts. She was decently developed, too, for her age. I found myself checking out her budding breasts and tight little bum on more than one occasion in the past. "Can you do me, too?" she asked. "Sure, 'Liv." And I moved over one towel and started from the top. I rubbed oil into her sweet shoulders and neck and down her back. By the time I got to her hips, she was clenching her little butt and I was wound like a watch spring. A few sparse pubies stuck out of her crotch, and I reminded myself that 20 years in jail was a long time. As I rubbed the oil onto her thighs, I accidentally brushed her crotch. It was soft and a little bit moist and she jumped a little. But she spread her legs a little more as I started work on the other thigh. So I did it again, deliberately. Did I imagine it or did she push back? I decided that I'd better move away, so I went down to her calves and did them. At this point, the other girls returned from the water.
"I'm next!" one cried and flopped down on an adjacent towel. "Then me!" followed another. It was heaven, basically. I got to touch these delightful young females. Hip, hip, hooray! The only unfortunate part was that my cock was erect, painfully erect, so goddamn hard that I was sure that one false move and it would break right off. But I persevered. Each delightful young lady received similar treatment. A massage/sunscreen application, with a mildly erotic hint. I applied the lotions with slavish devotion, carefully monitoring each girl for her response to the stimulation. All except the penultimate responded almost erotically. The next to last seemed almost dead, so I scrupulously avoid "accidentally" brushing against her privates or touching the sides of her breasts. All the others, though, got the special treatment and apparently enjoyed it. I saw at least two pairs of erect nipples, to my amusement. Finally, I was done. I was starting to get a mild case of blue balls from the extended stimulation. "What about you?" Olivia questioned. "Don't you need any sunscreen?" I almost declined outright because I was already pretty tanned, but instead deferred. "After I get out of the pool. I'm kinda warm now." The girls exchanged conspiratorial looks which I ignored, and I dove right in. After being in the cool water for a few minutes, the ache in my groin subsided. Every instinct told me to attack the young girls; fortunately socialization prevailed. I drew myself out of the pool and got my towel. "You ready for me to do ya?" Olivia started. I smiled at the double entendre, and said, "Yeah. Sure." The pert redhead got up to join her. "I'll help." I kneeled on a towel as the two lovelies did my arms and chest. Their fluttering hands felt delightful as they ran down my stomach. My penis, aroused by the byplay, smiled evilly as he awoke and returned from his abbreviated slumber. I lay down and they went to work on my back. I was almost lulled to sleep with their dreamy hands caressing my broad shoulders and strong back. I could have sworn I felt a hand slide briefly under my trunks and back out again. There it was again! I looked over to see a devilishly grinning Olivia. Then it happened on the other side. "Please," I pleaded; "you don't know what you're doing to me. And you don't want to get started down that path." They giggled some more, and did my legs. We lay down there for another hour or so, and it was lunch time. The girls tried to decide what they'd do for lunch. Four of them wanted pizza. Olivia and the redhead didn't. "I've got sandwich fixins in my apartment," I offered, mostly innocently. Two pairs of excited eyes jumped at the chance. We got into my apartment and I turned on the big fan, then the stereo. I went into the kitchen and they followed me. They were close, dangerously close. I was a little nervous. The redhead ran her hand down my back. Olivia got right next to me on my right hand side, and touched my chest. The sexual tension became oppressive. They got even closer. "Um, girls," I stammered. "No sandwiches," the redhead began evenly, as she began to touch my chest. Olivia grabbed the inside of my thighs. My head began to swim. "What about jail?" I considered in a fleeting moment. I put my arms around the girls. "You could be very sorry," I warned. "Nuh-uh," the redhead countered, and tried to stick her hand down my bathing suit, to no avail. "Wait a minute. First you have to do this." And I untied the string in my trunks. As the redhead's hand snaked down my trunks and grasped my member, I turned to her and started deeply frenching her. "If you can't beat 'em... boink 'em."
In the meantime I brought my hand up behind Olivia's back and undid her bikini. Then I turned and frenched her. She obviously did not have the experience in kissing that the older girl had, but she was a quick study. Within seconds our tongues danced madly together, and her pulse skyrocketed. "Let's get out of the kitchen," I offered. The redhead pulled me by my aching hardon into the living room in front of the fan. I pulled down the top of her one piece and her fine breasts spilled out, milky white skin with tiny freckles and two pink, puffed up nipples. I rubbed her creamy tits with both hands as our tongues tangoed. She was really hot. I felt Olivia's firm titties pushing into my back, and decided to turn around and focus on her for a few minutes. I touched her budding breasts and her brown nipples swelled the way only a young girl's nipples can. I leaned over and kissed her young boobs, carefully avoiding the nipples which only got harder as a result. I swirled my tongue over a nipple, drawing it into my mouth and she gasped. I guessed that no one had ever done so to her before. Little miss redhead wasn't content to be an inactive partner, so she worked my trunks down. I stepped out of them and was totally naked, my fiery red member angrily demanding to be serviced. Olivia gasped, and tentatively wrapped her fingers around it. "It's so hot!" she squealed. "And it pulses!" She stroked it while the redhead rubbed my balls. I wasn't going to be able to take much of that. "Molly! It's so hard!" "No kidding, 'Liv. Did you ever kiss one?" "Kiss one?" "No way, really?" "Yeah, watch." And with that Molly (so that was her name!) came around to the front, bent over, and took me into her mouth." She quickly adopted a rhythm that would have me erupting in no time. "Whoa! Slow down, this isn't a race!" I interrupted. With that, Molly began to take her time, running her tongue down the length of my shaft and over my balls. For such a young girl, she had magnificent technique. I groaned my appreciated. "I wanna try!" yelped Olivia. "Share and share alike, Moll." Olivia tentatively licked the glands, then ran her tongue underneath. "It's hot," she whispered. She gave a suck or two on the head. "Mmmmm. It tastes good." "Just wait 'til he squirts!" Molly giggled. "What?" "Really, it's good, you'll like it." Molly kept sucking my cock into her mouth, a little at a time. I leaned over and helped Molly out of her maillot. Her pussy hair was sparse near her pink and wet cunt lips, and more substantial up top. I playfully ran a finger along her labia. She squealed with pleasure, causing Olivia to look up. Olivia promptly abandoned my dick, stood up, removed her now musky bikini bottoms, and said "Me too!" I laid the girls down together and knelt between them. I slowly caressed their breasts, ran my hands down their stomachs, and through their pubic hair to their wet little slits. Their heat was maddening; I wished I had two dicks so I could fuck them at once. The scent of sex permeated the heavy air. The sweet little girls moaning and sighing was an incredible aphrodisiac; I really couldn't believe this was happening. Molly began to breathe faster. I stopped working on Olivia so I could devote my attention to Molly. "Watch," I instructed Olivia. I worked two fingers into Molly's burning snatch, and strummed her clit with my thumb. Meanwhile, I slurped a pearly pink nipple into my mouth and licked and sucked and nipped. Molly was writhing like a snake trying to get out its skin at this point, gasping for breath and moaning incoherently. I then leaned over, took her clit in my mouth, grabbed a nipple with my right and sucked as I pulled on her nipple. That did it. Molly went completely rigid, than began intense spasming. It lasted well over a minute. By the time she was done, Olivia was wide eyed with amazement. "Holy shit! I want that too!" my cock was already standing straight up more than ready. I grabbed Molly and rolled her over onto me. We deeply kissed and I played with her ass. "You're tasting your friend's come, you know?" She blushed. "And see? It didn't kill you or make you a lesbian." You're still dying for my cock, aren't you?" She nodded her head enthusiastically. "Ok, then. You ever fuck before?" She shook her head no. "We'll take it easy, then." I teased her dripping snatch with my now turgid pole. She pushed back against it and it started to go in. We took it slow, going back and forth slowly. Olivia took up a position where she could see my aching member starting to slide into her friend's hot box. Our muted thrusting occasionally caused my dick to slip out, but Olivia helpfully repositioned it. "Ok, honey, whenever you're ready." She slid down, and winced a bit. "I don't think I can do it." "Of course you can, if you want to." She tried again. No dice. She jumped off me, onto her back, and said, "Just take me. Make me a woman." I couldn't say no. I got on her, wormed the head of my cock into her virginal cunt and started easing it deeper. Her hips moved in time with me. I kissed her tits, then began to french her. As my tongue went into her mouth, I pushed past her hymen. She yelped a little, and appeared to be in a little pain, so I just sat there, with my cock firmly ensconced in her newly deflowered love canal. "I'm ready. Fuck me. Fuck me." And she started to move her hips. I needed no further encouragement. I gave her sweet pussy a good workout, pistoning in and out while I played with her nipples. Actually, it didn't take long before she was shuddering underneath me and her cunt gripped me like a vise. I stopped thrusting and caressed her while she regained her breath. "Thank you," she whispered softly. I pulled out and wiped the few flecks of blood off my sex crazed rod, ready to deflower Miss Olivia who was only too ready for the experience. She practically jumped on me and took my cock into her pussy with little difficulty. Her channel was incredibly smooth and tight, and I reveled in its silky embrace. We fucked like that for awhile, then I rolled on top of her to give her the what for. We screwed like rabbits for several minutes, and she a small orgasm, but I was still far away. I pulled out and got behind her. I pushed my way into her juicy pussy which seemed if anything to grip me harder than before. I caressed her tits and rubbed her clit as I banged into her lovely tunnel. "Molly," I gasped. We're going to need you for this. She got in front of Molly. "Lick my balls," I ordered. "While you're fucking?" she asked incredulously. "Yes, while we're fucking! Just do it!" I pleaded urgently. She bent over and I felt her hot little tongue on my balls. "Oh, yes," I cried. "That's it!" Then I felt her tongue on my finger, and I realized she was trying to lick her friend's clitty, too. She alternated between the two of us, and Olivia presently fell over onto all fours and began to cum as if her life depended on it. A few thrusts more and I shot over the edge, careening into the abyss of orgasmic bliss. I almost blacked out from the intensity of it all. Noise. What the hell was that noise. A pounding of some sort. I looked up, wearily, to see four girls standing in my doorway, and Olivia's mother. I froze. They froze, mouths agape. The silence was finally broken by an insane, steady beeping. I smacked the stupid alarm clock with an outstretched hand, then untangled my sweat riddled body from the sheets. Shit. Time to go to work. And it was going to be another scorcher today.............

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